When over 746 companies pay to be part of something new and innovative and then rave about the results... you can't blame us for bragging a little.

  • Sales Expo Innovation Winner 2016

    "The expectations have already been set extremely high by last years overall show winners; CommissionCrowd... Judged by an expert panel from companies such as Smart Insights, Coca-Cola, KPMG and Sage, the competition was fierce...

    The Awards mean that the innovation and cutting edge design of our winner's products and services (as well as their hard-work!) is recognised by their potential clients, their peers, and experts within their field" - Sales Innovation Expo (The largest sales expo in Europe)".

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  • sopro

    "In Nov 2015 SoPro listed our business profile, sales proposition and commission package on the CommissionCrowd platform. In three weeks we contracted with two high calibre

    commission-only sales professional applicants, closing the first resultant deal in week 6. We have seen three further applicants and expect 5-10 deals closed under CommissionCrowd agents this quarter, contributing significantly to our expansion. Overall, an exceptional experience and I recommend CommissionCrowd without hesitation to any business looking to connect with competent, independent sales professionals on an immediate basis".

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  • Kortx

    "CommissionCrowd's model really appealed to us since we need to build a global team that can work effectively and still be flexible. We've noticed the agents signed up at CommissionCrowd

    have worked with some very high profile clients and have tons of experience. It's exciting to be able to work with a group of dedicated sales professionals that deliver with such enthusiasm and drive."

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  • webiq

    "CommissionCrowd is a great platform to expand your remote sales force quickly and efficiently. The overall quality of the sales agents is great, we've had good responsiveness out of the agents

    contacted and inbound applications are rather frequent. It is encouraging that the growth and the quality of the sales agents is improving daily. Communication with the sales agents over the platform is easy and straightforward".

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  • secure swiss data

    "CommissionCrowd has by far exceeded my expectations both as a service and for ROI. Laura and her team assisted every step of the way to ensure I connected with high quality

    self-employed sales people. It makes complete sense from a business perspective to have people work on a commission basis as there is naturally more drive to bring the business in! I have been on the platform for less than two weeks and already have 3 sales guys and one 5 figure deal with a new client. Things can only get better, thanks again CommissionCrowd you really are heroic!".

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  • zella tech

    "Zella Technologies made the decision to become a VIP Founding Member of CommissionCrowd back in April of this year after searching for months to find a

    platform that allows us to find and manage all of our commission based sales agents. Before finding CommissionCrowd, we were wasting many hours of our day posting for freelancers, only to waste more time sorting through the applicants. CommissionCrowd has a list of highly experienced and qualified agents, and the platform gives us all of the tools we need to manage the agents, training and leads. If you are a company looking for an easy way to expand your sales with commission based sales agents, I highly recommend you give CommissionCrowd a try. I guarantee you will not find anything else online that compares."

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  • Aotea Global

    "It was such a great decision we made to join CommissionCrowd when we did, having already appointed Keith as our British and European Sales Director, and are in discussions with

    three other sales agents that have all come through CommissionCrowd which proves that we made the right decision. To be honest, the success so far has been a great relief and justifies the decision. Lifetime membership has already paid off for us. It's like the 'gift which keeps on giving!".

    Richard Burke

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  • Littlefishfx

    "It feels like a very focused LinkedIn."

  • Littlefoot

    "We're in talks with four sales agents at the moment and we've been on the platform for less than a week!"

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  • White Knight

    "I am continually impressed with you guys."

  • Creative

    "One of the best things about CommissionCrowd is the level of personal support from the team. They really want to make it work and keep their clients happy."

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  • Gryphon Translations

    "After hours of searching the internet looking for sales agents - without much success - it's inspiring to have come across CommissionCrowd."

  • Tissue

    "I love the look of CommissionCrowd, I think it's been a long time coming! I wish the team all the best, and look forward to meeting some great sales professionals."

  • Theo Vassiliou

    "CommissionCrowd is the only platform that truly understands and caters for both companies and independent sales agent's requirements. - Theo Vassiliou, independent sales agent, 7 years experience

    Being an agent, it has far exceeded my expectations and within 2 weeks of registering I have already been approached by 6 companies. CommissionCrowd really care about sales agents and it shows".

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  • Volodymyr Suvorov

    "The founders and developers of CommissionCrowd have made a great platform where companies and sales agents are able to connect globally.

    As a commission-only sales agent I have registered on three other "job" sites but was delighted to find that CommissionCrowd is inherently unique! Despite the fact that the sales platform is still in private beta I have found it to exceed my expectations in terms of the operational usability. The support and feedback I've received from the CommissionCrowd team is always fast and clear. Due to the structure and philosophy that CommissionCrowd has been built upon it feels like the functionality has been personalized to give me my own space. In addition to the comprehensive ability to search for opportunities, it also contains several other useful tools to help me manage my freelance sales business activity".

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  • Colleen Francis

    "We love CommissionCrowd because you really do represent the first innovation in staffing, recruiting and commission sales people we have seen.

    I honestly think you are modernizing the way of the old "manufacturers sales rep" that is long overdue and MUCH needed. " - Colleen Francis, best selling author and recognized as one of the world's top sales consultants.

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