Interview: This CommissionCrowd VIP Lifetime Member Company Shares Their Experience of Joining Us Early

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We have been absolutely blown away by the number of companies who clearly see our vision for the pay-on-performance sales industry, who not only get what we are creating, but who jumped at the chance to get involved early. These companies are already making connections with quality sales agents and growing their businesses thanks to early exposure to our database, blog and social channels after joining our VIP Lifetime Membership Program

The following interview with Richard Burke, CEO of Aotea Global and one of our earliest founding members, will give you an idea of what it’s like to become one of our founding members.

Hi Richard, how did you hear about CommissionCrowd initially?

We had decided to explore the idea of partnering with self-Employed Sales Agents for a number of reasons, but were having no luck finding any until I stumbled across CommissionCrowd. If I remember correctly, we first heard about CommissionCrowd through LinkedIn, via an article with Keith Crispin, to whom we were then introduced. Keith already had exposure on CommissionCrowd’s blog, following an interview piece with him which was conducted by one of the Co-Founders. Keith has over 30 years experience as a self-employed sales agent and had received a lot of interest from all over the world as a result of that interview. He spoke very highly of CommissionCrowd and the people fronting the operation.

What made you decide to submit an application to become lifetime members?

The idea of investing a little up front in what we believe will be a hugely successful venture and then reaping the rewards following their launch and growth was a very simple decision for us to make.

Have you made any connections with self-employed sales agents to date?

Yes, the early exposure they give to companies that have joined their lifetime membership program has already lead to us partnering with and appointing a self-employed British and European sales director ( Keith Crispin) as well as currently being currently involved in discussions with three additional agents, as a result of exposure of our opportunity to their database, social channels and blog.

Is this the first time you have paid for a service that hasn’t even launched yet? Was it daunting?

Indeed, this is the first time and we did have reservations about it initially. However, several conversations with the chaps at CommissionCrowd, a review of the platform and the subsequent gleaning of understanding of the service, how the platform will work as well as their vision for the future of the industry removed those reservations; thankfully we signed up when we did!

How has been your experience so far?

Although CommissionCrowd aren’t officially launching until May 15th, 2015, we’ve been very impressed with the level of professionalism and good communications with CommissionCrowd from the outset. We are confident we have made the right choice and look forward to collaboration for many years to come. In fact it was such a great decision we made to join CommissionCrowd when we did, having already appointed Keith as our British and European Sales Director, and are in discussions with three other sales agents that have all come through CommissionCrowd, proves that we made the right decision. To be honest, the success so far has been a great relief and justifies the decision.

Have you found the CommissionCrowd team to be helpful?

Always friendly, helpful, highly knowledgeable and always quick to respond. They are good listeners as well as pleased to give advice when asked.

What are you looking forward to most about growing with CommissionCrowd?

Our focus is to expand our operations across the UK and Europe, as well as Australasia. In order to achieve sustainable growth we will need to continue engaging with high quality agents across the geography through CommissionCrowd. We are also looking forward to being able to manage our remote working relationships directly through CommissionCrowd’s collaborative management functionality which includes CRM and sales management tools, which is a huge saving over a very short time frame.

Would you say that lifetime membership has been good value from what you’ve seen/experienced so far?

Lifetime membership has already paid off for us. It’s like the ‘gift which keeps on giving’.

Thank you Richard it’s been a pleasure speaking with you and it’s fantastic to see that you are already seeing results prior to CommissionCrowd’s official launch on May 15th, 2015. We look forward to seeing your outsourced sales team continue to grow as we start to scale after launch

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