Interview With A CommissionCrowd Member - Littlefoot (Company)

Dennis Antonelos

The following interview with Dennis Antonelos, Founding Partner of littlefoot and one of our earliest founding members, will give you an idea of what it’s like to become one of CommissionCrowd’s company members.

Hi Dennis, how did you hear about CommissionCrowd initially?

About a year ago, we began looking for commission-only salespeople to help us grow our business. Having worked previously on a commission-only basis in the past, I really think it provides both parties with the best arrangement.

It gives the self-employed sales agent and company flexibility while allowing the company to pay commissions based on performance.

I quickly discovered how difficult it was to find commission-only sales people using the conventional job search channels. That’s when I did some searching and happened to come across CommissionCrowd. From the second I read their Twitter profile, I was extremely excited to begin using their platform. They were exactly the type of service I was looking for.

What made you decide to submit an application to become lifetime members?

CommissionCrowd is a platform that I genuinely want to see flourish. I really believe there is a need in the market and the fact that CommissionCrowd are bringing together like-minded people and companies onto one platform is truly remarkable. Becoming lifetime members was an opportunity for littlefoot to not only get in on the ground floor but to be a part of something unique and exciting.

Have you made any connections with experienced commission-only sales agents to date?

Yes we have, and as VIP lifetime members, CommissionCrowd made sure we had plenty of exposure which was quite nice. We’re in talks with four sales agents at the moment and we’ve been on the platform for less than a week!

How has been your experience so far?

The CommissionCrowd platform has immense promise, and we’re very impressed with what we’ve seen so far. Every day I log in, I see many more sales agents are joining which is exciting. The platform itself is extremely simple to use and has all the features required to manage and track a remote working sales team. Truly superb!

Have you found the CommissionCrowd team to be helpful?

The CommissionCrowd team might just be the best part of the platform. They are very helpful, intelligent and are eager to hear our feedback. Overall they go above and beyond other services to ensure an exceptional user experience.

What are you looking forward to most about growing with CommissionCrowd?

We can’t wait to connect with passionate and skilled independent sales reps who want to help us grow our business. littlefoot wants to expand both its US and global customer base, and we’re confident that CommissionCrowd is going to help us connect with the right people to accomplish our goals.

Would you say that lifetime membership has been good value from what you’ve seen/experienced so far?

It’s almost too good to be true!

Thank you Dennis it’s been a pleasure speaking with you and it’s fantastic to see that you are already seeing results during the early days!

How To Claim Your Company’s Membership

If you are interested in joining CommissionCrowd and growing your own independent sales team please visit: CommissionCrowd For Companies

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