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Making it easy for companies & independent sales agents to connect and manage quality partnerships.

  • We've found better opportunities.
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  • It's really easy to find sales agents.
  • I have signed 2 new contracts in 2 days.
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  • I am closing a deal worth £250,000.

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The definitive platform for independent salespeople and the
businesses who grow because of them.

Making Sales Happen: Quality remote working sales partnerships made easy

For Companies

The global Rep Marketplace You've Been Looking For. Cost-effective sales recruitment, that works and doesn't limit your ability to find and manage the right partners you need to grow.

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For Sales Agents

The sales opportunities are here for the taking, the big contracts just waiting to be landed. Independent is how most of us like things – CommissionCrowd just brings it all together.

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When over 516 companies pay to be part of something new and innovative and then rave about the results... you can't blame us for bragging a little.

We never stop helping our clients get the exposure to agents they need and deserve.

"CommissionCrowd has by far exceeded my expectations both as a service and for ROI. Laura and her team assisted every step of the way to ensure I connected with high quality self-employed sales people. It makes complete sense from a business perspective to have people work on a commission basis as there is naturally more drive to bring the business in! I have been on the platform for less than two weeks and already have 3 sales guys and one 5 figure deal with a new client. Things can only get better, thanks again CommissionCrowd you really are heroic!"

Companies finding commission-only sales agents

Kieron Hatcher

CEO, Kortx Ltd

"In Nov 2015 SoPro listed our business profile, sales proposition and commission package on the CommissionCrowd platform. In three weeks we contracted with two high calibre commission-only sales professional applicants, closing the first resultant deal in week 6. We have seen three further applicants and expect 5-10 deals closed under CommissionCrowd agents this quarter, contributing significantly to our expansion. Overall, an exceptional experience and I recommend CommissionCrowd without hesitation to any business looking to connect with competent, independent sales professionals on an immediate basis".

A platform for companies

Ryan Welmans

VIP Lifetime Founding Member

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How To Get Your Company's Sales Opportunity In Front Of Independent Sales Agents In Just 3 Easy Steps!

Step 1

Apply to find independent sales agents

Our team of experts will assess the strength of your current sales opportunity We'll work with you 1-to-1 to create the perfect sales opportunity designed to attract the top sales talent on CommissionCrowd.

Step 2

Connect with highly skilled sales agents

While you wait for your personalised review. You can search and favourite sales agents plus test drive our incredible functionality while we work to get you agent-ready - including free resources & training.

Step 3

Manage sales agents within our platform

Once you're set up for success and are ready to start recruiting, simply choose from either an Annual or Lifetime membership and start building your sales team.

How much does it cost?
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CommissionCrowd is a global platform

There are no territorial boundaries when working on CommissionCrowd. Companies and sales agents can connect & work together locally or globally... It's entirely up to you.

  • Join and search through profiles of companies or sales agents around the world
  • Sales agents can expand the territories you already cover or find product lines and services outside of your territory that complement your existing networks
  • Companies looking to expand into new territories can partner with sales reps that already have experience & contacts in those areas
Commissioncrowd is a global platform

Over 60% of Sales Agents on our database have existing networks of contacts in your industry. This means they are already talking to your target market.

Connect with our fast growing database of independent sales agents.

  • UK

  • USA

  • Canada

  • India

  • Australia

  • Germany

  • France

We're growing fast!

Our database of registered sales reps is fresh, clean and transparent...always!

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The only platform dedicated entirely to the self-employed sales industry

"The way you plan on bringing both companies and freelance sales people together in such a united and structured way is visionary!"

Top Sales Agent

Keith Crispin

self-employed sales agent (30+ years experience)

CommissionCrowd is the complete end-to-end solution that enables companies and experienced self-employed sales agents to make better connections, save time and sell more.

Track & Monitor Sales Agents
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