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The only online platform dedicated entirely to the self-employed sales industry

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"CommissionCrowd is a great platform to expand your remote sales force quickly and efficiently. The overall quality of the sales agents is great, we had a good responsiveness out of the agents contacted and inbound applications are rather frequent. It's encouraging that the growth and the quality of the sales agents is improving daily. Communication with the sales agents over the platform is easy and straightforward." View Opportunity- Phillipe-Bodart, WebriQ.

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There are no territorial boundaries when working on CommissionCrowd. Companies and sales agents can connect & work together locally or globally... It's entirely up to you.

  • Join and search through profiles of companies or sales agents around the world
  • Sales agents can expand the territories you already cover or find product lines and services outside of your territory that complement your existing networks
  • Companies looking to expand into new territories can partner with sales reps that already have experience & contacts in those areas
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The only platform dedicated entirely to the self-employed sales industry

"CommissionCrowd allows me to focus on closing more business while taking away all of the mundane business tasks which are usually associated with running your own business"- Colin Cornwall, Independent Sales Agent, 20+ years Sales Agent

CommissionCrowd is the complete end-to-end solution that enables companies and experienced self-employed sales agents to make better connections, save time and sell more.

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