Bespoke Web Applications & Software Development £50K Deal Values 20% Residual Commissions


We build highly technical online software and website applications with fully responsive, beautiful interfaces.

We have successfully completed work for over 200 companies, including some of the most recognised brands in the UK such as Tesco and Honda.

We pay from 20% commission on digital projects and our core business is aimed at online businesses, digital startups and any company relying on web-enabled software to manage their business processes.

What kind of agent is suited to this opportunity?

You need to be happy generating your own leads, ideally into SMEs rather than for individuals.

You will need to be moderately technical and, more importantly, able to realise where your knowledge ends when discussing technical projects.  You need to be okay with a sales cycle of 2-4 months for a sale (based on our experience) and then a project development length of 3-6 months (longer for larger projects)


  • Territory: Global
  • Agent type: Independent sales agent
  • Leads provided: No leads provided
  • Commission: 20.00%
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