Understanding self employed sales agents

One of the major benefits of working with independent sales reps is the ability to tap into an existing network of contacts. This ensures a potentially very quick route to Market for a company's products and services, and is a mutually beneficial win win for both the company and sales agent.

But do you know that there are a number of important criteria that your company must meet before your sales opportunity will be deemed attractive to this unique kind of sales professional. This recorded video webinar will teach you all that you need to know.

What you'll learn:

1. Why professional self-employed sales agents choose their profession – It's quite amazing how misunderstood professional self employed sales agents are

2. What a self employed sales agents is and what motivates someone to leave the security of a well paid job and go out and work for commission without a salary

3. Challenges freelance (commission-only) sales agents face – You'll discover some of the most common challenges that a self employed sales rep faces and how to ensure that your company is prepared and has accounted for these when structuring your opportunity

4. How self-employed sales agents conduct their business – You discover how self-employed sales agents structure and conduct their business, and where your opportunity might fit into to their business needs

5. What should you offer in terms of commission – You might not be prepared for, or even like what you're about to hear, but by the time we have covered this topic you will know what you need to think about in terms of ensuring that your commission structure is appealing and attractive to your sales agents

6. What sales agents need from your company in order to start selling – We'll take you from start to finish and detail exactly what you will need to provide your sales agents with in order to ensure they not only have the confidence and knowledge to represent your company, but the physical materials needed to make their job easy

7. What kind of freelance sales agents you should partner with – Taking on a new sales agent can be very exciting and many companies jump in too quickly and make the mistake of taking on anyone that shows an interest in what they do

8. How to take a step back and identify the kind of sales agents you should consider taking on, as well as those that may not be suited to your particular opportunity