The top ten factors a self-employed sales agent considers when choosing to work with a new company

You've decided that it's time to grow your business and expand your reach in the Market, but recruiting permanent employed sales staff can be costly and in many cases risky too.

You've heard of independent (commission-only) sales reps, but have never considered outsourcing your sales requirements before and don't know where to start. This video webinar recording will help you to understand how to work with independent sales reps once you connect with them through CommissionCrowd.

What you'll learn:

1. Why Should You Consider Working With Independent Sales Reps?

2. Who Independent Sales Reps really are

3. What Independent Sales Reps Look For In An Opportunity

4. Is your company suited to working with commission-only sales reps

5. What type of reps are suitable given the sales cycle of your products/services

6. Training and support structure your potential sales partners expect

7. How to think about your commission structure/offering