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"CommissionCrowd's Managed Pro service is a phenomenal opportunity. As an Independent Sales Rep I get to work as a true partner. It's a lot more fun being on a team that is committed to growth and success. It's a powerful model that drives predictable revenue by having Sales Development (qualifiers) generating pre-qualified leads for Account Executives and Customer Success/Account Management. It allows me to specialize and focus on doing what I do best."

Syd Salmon, Independent sales rep, 20 years experience

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How CommissionCrowd Managed Pro Works

If you're a business looking to seriously push sales, whilst keeping your overheads low, keeping time investment to the minimum and wanting to work with an industry breaking company 1-1, then Managed Pro is for you.

UK Number: +44 020 3884 1131

USA Number: +1 210 899 3232

Number for Sales: Press 1

Managed Pro Is Simple, Smart & Effective

We take all of the time and hassle out of finding, networking, discovering, on-boarding, training, and even managing your independent sales team. But we don´t just stop there, once we've built your team of commission only sales experts we then carry out extensive prospecting and lead generation campaigns for your agents to pitch, propose and close the business.


Recruitment of B2B independent sales professionals done for you.

We ensure your new sales partners are trained to sell your products/services properly.

Register and complete the sales opportunity registration form

We prospect and carry out lead generation on behalf of your sales team and send them qualified new business meetings directly.

Easily manage multiple remote working partnerships.

Easily manage multiple remote working partnerships

Your sales agents pitch every prospect they´re given followed by a formal proposal.

We negotiate commercials and close deals on your behalf.

Fast Payment System

The Result?

You'll have more time to focus on driving your business forward while we take care
of boosting your sales and bringing you increased revenue and a stream of new business.

Become A Managed Pro Member In 3 Easy Steps

Our platform is built to create better, longer lasting, easy to manage, partnerships and to help you grow your sales, now. With Managed Pro you get more, much more.

1. Submit your interest in our Managed Pro service

Let us know that you're interested in applying to become a Managed Pro member by clicking on any "Get My Quote" button.

2. You'll be contacted by a senior member of our team

A member of our team will reach out to you at a time that´s convenient for you so we can learn more about your company and sales opportunity.

3. If approved for a Managed Pro account you're ready to go!

Once we determine that your sales opportunity is suitable for a Managed Pro membership, the fun begins!

"I have twenty five years of experience as a self-employed entrepreneur and owner of a venture accelerator firm. For many of our venture partners, we enlist our team of independent sales agents to assist in the growth of our clients' businesses. If you're truly seeking to grow the sales revenues of your company, the Managed Pro service looks to be the biggest deal maker yet for prudently and effectively scaling your business."

Joe Orman, Independent sales professional & Entrepreneur

Take control of your sales today!

Commission-Only = Win/Win

Independent commission-only sales reps are looking for new opportunities. They want to add non-competing but complimentary products to sell into their established/growing networks. They can do this because they often leave full-time employment at the peak of their sales careers because they've built a strong network of clients and contacts and want to take advantage of uncapped earnings by selling multiple products & services.

They also love working qualified leads and with SoPro B2B Prospecting we'll ensure a steady stream of appointments always fill their calendars. You're gaining a partner in your business who has the clients, contacts and experience to close new business and they cover all of their own expenses. You understand your margins better than anyone, so you're completely free to offer agents the commission % that suits you best.

"Good salespeople are worth their weight in gold and it is not always easy to find them. Having a place to find great independent talent can take huge pressures off of hiring constraints and budgets."

Joshua Evans, Self-employed sales rep, 15 years experience

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