WebriQ Studio - Composable Content and Commerce out-of-the-box


Best-of-breed technology platform for content and commerce

WebriQ provides a best-of-breed technology platform for content-driven and transactional websites and web applications. WebriQ Studio is Inspired by the Jamstack and the MACH philosophy of developing software products. The Software-as-a-Service enables development teams and marketing teams to create and publish limitless content and commerce pages. 

The Problems We Solve

Many marketing teams rely heavily on a myriad of different campaigns to help reach their target audience and they deliver these campaigns through a variety of different web pages, landing pages, and microsites. They may use many different tools and service providers to help them deliver these experiences. They may have their content in multiple places and unorganized and lack a clear workflow to get their experiences developed, and designed with the final copy to be approved for publication. 

How We Solve These Problems

With WebriQ Studio, development teams, and marketing teams can manage their content in a single place and publish web pages, commerce pages, landing pages, and microsites at scale. 

What kind of agent is suited to this opportunity?

Building relationships and trust is key to success in the business. Self-employed sales professionals with a Rolodex and a consultative approach will have greater success. Our market lacks industry leaders and dominant players and is therefore very fragmented. Becoming an industry expert for your community is another key differentiator. 


  • Territory: Global
  • Agent type: Independent sales agent
  • Leads provided: Cold leads provided
  • Commission: 30.00%
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