Support SMEs With a Unique Digital Business Advisor and Manager to Grow, Improve and Transform Their Business - Up to 20% Residual Comms


Business Enabling Toolbox (B.E.T) is a unique Digital Business Advisor and Manager that assists Startups and Micro Enterprises to grow, improve and transform their businesses, creating sustainability across all industries and sectors.  

B.E.T is currently the only solution on the market that offers an integrated support package, all in a single platform, available to the business owner 24/7, at their fingertips.

A network of businesses suited to B.E.T is required for this opportunity; however, a database of leads will be provided where available to supplement the agents selling opportunities.

B.E.T is a volume opportunity for an agent with the relevant experience and requirements, looking to earn continuously. 

B.E.T is sold as an annual subscription; therefore, a residual commission will be paid for renewals if the agent is still in our agreement period. 

If an agent does not meet the relevant requirements but can create an introduction or referral to a potential sale, we will be happy to pay a referral commission. Referral commissions will be discussed, agreed upon, and paid. We will consider referrals to prospects in our target market, and/ volume deals (Development agencies, Government agencies, Market Entry Consultants, Financial Institutions, Corporates with a mandate for Business Development Support, etc.) will be considered.

What kind of agent is suited to this opportunity?

A driven, motivated, committed, respectful, proactive individual, has a commercial mindset, understands the SaaS and Entrepreneurial landscape, but most importantly, can listen to a potential client and identify how B.E.T will solve some of their problems.

Having access to a network of businesses and leads suited for B.E.T will be advantageous. A database of leads will also be provided where possible to supplement the agent's own database.

The ideal candidate must perform the entire sales journey from prospecting, handling of warm leads, and closing of sales.  While the candidate must have some SME businesses that could be considered warm leads, a database of leads will also be provided. 


  • Territory: Global
  • Agent type: Independent sales agent
  • Leads provided: No leads provided
  • Commission: 20.00%
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