Powerful Employee Engagement And Performance Software Solution - Increases Employee Productivity And Loyalty - Easy sale, simple pricing - 25% Commission + Residuals


Steer is a Modern Employee Engagement & Performance SaaS platform. The importance of employee engagement cannot be overstated; it is vital to any organization’s success. Steer helps managers to create a culture where emphasis is given to the people. It helps managers to lead the team effectively and empowers employees to take the best decisions. Steer is a highly effective tool in driving employee engagement. When designed and implemented properly, employee recognition programs can elevate engagement levels. Employees will become more productive, motivated, customer-focused and loyal.

Steer is a Modern Employee Engagement & Performance SaaS platform. The solutions address the concerns of all managers across different verticles as it helps organizations track the performance and satisfaction of their employees as our solution uses the latest trends including Google’s standards like OKR Goals, Weekly Check-ins and Daily Stand-ups to help build and maintain engaged, aligned and productive teams.

The market is proven and the potential is huge, any manager supervising more than few employees is involved in maintaining the productivity of the team and in ensuring their team members are performing at their best. And more specifically a manager with a remote team could benefit from using Steer which is why finding potential customers is high.

What kind of agent is suited to this opportunity?

This role requires sales agents to sell predominantly to managers or C level dependent on the size of the company. The prospects readily understand the need to keep their employee engaged but will need to be enlightened into how our product does it seamlessly and at the same time saving them valuable time and energy.

If you are a good communicator who can handle objections and highlight business risks then selling Steer will be a breeze. The sales agents will need to identify the problems to the prospects and explain how our product over comes it which then amplifies the need and resonates with them.


  • Territory: Global
  • Agent type: Independent sales agent
  • Leads provided: No leads provided
  • Commission: 25.00%
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