Network of 60+ Proven Software Teams Looking for Software Clients: You Refer, We Nurture, Close and Pay you 50% LIFETIME Commission! High Satisfaction & Retention Rates!


Typical software clients are looking for companies with the specific skills and experience, in the region they prefer. No software company can do it all, but our network of powerhouse teams can monetise just about any kind of software lead.

SourceSeek connects clients with top remote teams around the world. We have full time staff evaluating and vetting vendors, and constantly travel the world getting to know our network partners.  We have strong relationships with our partners, which allows us match clients with a company that specialises in the exact skills they are looking for, and in the region/country they are most comfortable with.

This means that no matter what kind of software development lead we receive from you, there is very very high chance we can close the sale and provide high customer satisfaction.  

This is a great opportunity for any sales professional who has, or looking to build a network of business contacts who may be interested in remote software services. 

No nurturing, no closing, just you receiving a high amount of passive income from referrals that WE CLOSE for you!

What kind of agent is suited to this opportunity?

We are interested in working with any sales professional who may be in front of software buyers and decision makers, and would like a way to earn commissions while helping those clients get connected to fantastic software teams. 

The ideal circumstance is to work with sales agents who have already established a network of relationships with companies who may need outsourced software services, but are not specifically selling software to them. Or, they are selling a distinct type of software/services and want to broaden their offering. 

Examples include sales professional who are currently representing:

- managed network services 

- fractional CTO, CFO, or CMO services

- marketing or sales support for SaaS or companies

- HR services/products

- software services that are focused to one technology. (for example, you sell Oracle DB services but are frequently asked for some other type of development)

What may not work for us:

- working with huge, enterprise companies with very long sales cycles. We've got a few elephants in our client list, but their decisions are usually made by committee and the opinion of a trusted advisor is not always effective.  We are happy to talk to enterprise clients, but if your client has thousands of employees, a huge software department, and a procurement team, etc. they may not be the best fit. 

- working with graphic design, marketing, or SEO clients. We specialize in custom development.

- clients who are already in regions with easy access to developers at affordable rates. If your client is in India, Kyiv, or Moscow they probably have existing relationships with local teams, and may expect to pay local prices.


  • Territory: Global
  • Agent type: Independent sales agent
  • Leads provided: No leads provided
  • Commission: 50.00%
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