Millions of euros saved - BIORESQ Microbial Wastewater, Oil & Sewage Remediation - Soil Bioremediation


There are 2 products of GREEN ARSENAL:  BIORESQ and BIOREMIQ

BIORESQ is a solution for industrial wastewater, PCB pollution & sewage remediation. BIORESQ is sprayed on soil or water to remove oil pollution, turns sewage sludge into fertilizer, cleans wastewater, and removes ammonia around livestock.

Our bacteria literally eat up the contamination, turning a cost into a revenue source.

Target market: Production facilities or factories producing wastewater, municipal sewage plants, water treatment plants, environmental cleanup companies, as well as livestock farmers.

This type of disaster remediation or cleanup work is priced individually for each customer, normally in the range of 100,000-2 million euros, depending on the extent and type of pollution, as well as the level of integration into existing infrastructure and other technologies in the cleanup process.


A microbial fluid with active bacterial colonies which produce rapid results: 

  • Breaks down oil contamination in soil 
  • Eliminates oil spills on water
  • Removes toxins from sewage sludge
  • Reduces ammonia around cattle 

A special hydrolytic decomposition enzyme mixture of bacterial origin decomposes contamination particles, making our environment greener. A truly natural biological solution to an industrial, chemical problem.


BIOREMIQ Vermicompost-based Plant Nutrient

BIOREMIQ is for plant yield increase & soil regeneration. BIOREMIQ boosts plant metabolism, helps plants fight off disease, pests, and drought. Restores natural biological processes in soil.

It is special because it is organic, there is no harmful residue, and is exceptionally effective.

We have achieved 22.4% yield increase in corn, 40.1% yield increase in sunflower (thousand grain weight), 15.3% higher oil content of sunflower seeds, 68.9% vitamin C increase and 19% higher sugar content in green peppers, 15.6% vitamin C increase and 13.6% higher sugar content in tomatoes, for example.

Certified in the European Union for organic food production.

Target market: farmers, especially organic growers, specifically those struggling with a particular pest, disease, low yields, or poor soil conditions. Every type of crop: open field agriculture, greenhouse, orchards, vegetable beds, vineyards, berries, lawns, horticulture, etc.

We are looking for distributors, and long-term contracts with large producers.

Price calculations: Price around 10 EUR/liter. Usage around 20 liters/ha. Average European farm: 20 ha = 4000 EUR/year.

Reduces costs of fertilizer, pesticides, and adds a significant yield & quality increase.


A powerful natural liquid which is used as a foliar spray as well as worked into the soil.

The best of what nature can bring: Earthworms work themselves through manure, then the end product is fermented (bacteria, enzymes) to produce BIOREMIQ.

The intensive microbial treatment makes plants more resilient, and measurably improves the soil.

The net result for the producers is

    Increase in yields (size, mass, nutrients, quality)
    Less spent on fertilizers
    Less spent on pesticides
    Crops more drought-resistant, less spent on irrigation
    Crops need less light - possible to cultivate under the canopy in rain forests, solution for deforestation
    Faster life cycles - earlier produce
    Production possible in poor soils
    Greener technology

A continuous form of passive income once shipments begin to a customer.

The product is powerful, repeat orders are to be expected when farmers see the results.

Compounding effect on the soil, so second year of use will yield even more spectacular results than the first.

Small B2C versions in sprayers will also become available for store shelves and home gardening use.

What kind of agent is suited to this opportunity?

Person who cares about the environment and is a resourceful problem solver, who looks beyond the technology into the business use cases, with insight into various unrelated industries.

Someone who says: "I am looking to clean up your mess. The bigger the better. Oil, heavy metals, sewage, bring it on! Seriously, I am passionate about biological technologies which literally eat the toxins around us to free up space for real estate development and food production."

Person with passion about agricultural sustainability.

Someone who understands the market, has connections to distributor chains and is able to influence buyer decisions in a consultative way.


  • Territory: Eastern Europe European Union Middle East
  • Agent type: Independent sales agent
  • Leads provided: No leads provided
  • Commission: 15.00%
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