Klaar Modular Outdoor Space Pods - 10% Commission


Klaar is a unique modular outdoor space for restaurants/hotels to extend the outdoor season and increase revenue during cold months.

  • Helps businesses to increase revenue

  • Adds a new perspective to a restaurant
  • Increases outdoor space
    - Add a reservation fee to the menu (e.g. 10-30 EUR/1h) - Suitable for visitors who want more privacy (e.g. business lunches) or just a different experience for a change.
    - Create a VIP group package with a culinary experience (e.g. 30-100 EUR), which is good to share separately on social media or promotional offers platforms.
    - Additional room - The visitor spends more time in the restaurant
  • Helps to stand out in a competitive market

What kind of agent is suited to this opportunity?

This works extremely well with sales professionals who already have established relationships within restaurants and the hospitality industry (especially boutique hotels and manors).

Contacts with boutique hotels, manors, and seaside restaurants are ideal since the locations usually have lots of yard room, there are good views and these types usually strongly focus on customer experience.


  • Territory: Global
  • Agent type: Independent sales agent
  • Leads provided: Cold leads provided
  • Commission: 10.00%
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