Join us as we battle the entrenched status quo in consulting: the first digital platform to connect consulting teams with clients


Konsälidön is building the world's first digital platform to connect boutique consulting firms with clients. 218 consulting firms have committed to join our platform and we aim to sign up 500 boutique consulting firms in 2018. This means that we need to generate over 2,000 opportunities in 2018 to keep the consulting firms interested.

To generate this magnitude of opportunities in our ecosystem, we are looking for business development professionals who are keen to join us in a flexible role and would like to work on their own terms. Our requirement is simple. You need to have experience working in professional services or B2B business development. Furthermore, you need to demonstrate your ability to develop and execute business development campaigns.

You will manage a team of up to four lead generation analysts, run outbound campaigns for us and will be the first point of contact between our consulting leaders and potential clients. You will have an initial conversation with the client and arrange a meeting with our senior consulting leaders, after which we will take the conversation forward. 

We are looking for long-term relationships with sales professionals, which means that you will build an attractive recurring revenue stream by working with us. High-performing business development professionals may start by earning commissions of USD 6,000 per quarter, but will soon begin earning more than USD 30,000 per quarter if they work towards a long-term relationship with Konsälidön.

What kind of agent is suited to this opportunity?

A 100 hours

The majority of our competitors are huge multinationals with thousands of employees in almost every major city around the world. Most have long lineages and strong brand perceptions. Barring a few exceptions, they have consistently increased their headcount and revenue, year after year. Unfortunately, not many of their clients can say the same. To function in such a sector, we need to be better than our competitors in every way possible. Our competition is not just with them, but against time as well. We are battling the entrenched status quo. We are waging a war to bring transparency and open competition to a field dominated by a few giants.

We are looking for individuals who have experienced this first-hand and know things must improve without delay. What we offer is a chance to challenge the status quo. You will be part of a camaraderie of professionals, all persevering tirelessly to bring about this transformation.

Our requirement for becoming a "Shooter" at Konsälidön is simple. You need to have experience working in professional services. The length of your career does not matter - most people spend their whole life working without realizing a need for change while a select few see it as apparent from the beginning. Furthermore, you need to demonstrate your vision and the roadmap for bringing it to life. All we ask is for 100 hours of your time per campaign, devoted over a few weeks and up to three months. 


  • Territory: Global
  • Agent type: Independent sales agent
  • Leads provided: Warm leads provided
  • Commission: 35.00%
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