Intelligent Outsourcing - low cost back office staff -  earn an initial 53.8% and then recurring 38.5% annual commission for each hire -


Intelligent Outsourcing Ltd is a privately-owned company with offices in the UK and Philippines. The co-owners have their own businesses in IT and Accountancy and have been running these for many years. 

Intelligent Outsourcing is a Business Process Outsourcing company (BPO). This means that we provide companies with skilled,English speaking workers to enhance their existing teams. 

We can provide staff in many areas including web development, other IT roles, 24-hour security monitoring, accounting and bookkeeping. These skilled individuals become part of the client’s team through a contract with Intelligent Outsourcing. 

Clients are companies from any sector who require back office staff such as IT, accounting staff and security monitoring at an economical cost for high quality staff.

The business core values below are instilled in all staff:

1.      Help each other grow.

2.      Be honest.

3.      Treat each other with respect and dignity. 

4.      Be accountable for our conduct and decisions.

5.      Embrace change 

6.      Apply the highest standard of excellence to our client services.

7.      Ensure a great work environment for everyone.

What kind of agent is suited to this opportunity?

Having experience with IT firms and tech firms that require IT development will be highly desireable for hiring of offshore IT developers and other IT staff. Having connections with high level management who do the hiring of staff would be advantagous. 

Having experience with accounting firms and the owners or practice managers will be of an advantage for hiring of offshore accouning and bookkeeping staff.


  • Territory: European Union United Kingdom
  • Agent type: Independent sales agent
  • Leads provided: No leads provided
  • Commission: 53.80%
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