Innovative Interior Design Wall Printing Machine & Service In The UK - Up To 25% Commission With Broad Targeting + Residuals


Wall Arte is the exclusive distributor for the wallPen vertical printer, providing the sales and the support of the printer all across the UK, as well as providing the service in within London M25 and the South East. We do it better than our competitor because our machine has higher resolution, better performance and also better quality of the print than our competitors

Our products present an incredible new revenue stream for companies across multiple industries, as well as a lucrative opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to offer a unique service.

Our goal is to sell our innovative vertical printers to:

Trade professionals, decorating firms, painter and decorators, commercial interior designers, building managers, Restaurants, bars, nightclubs, interior management agencies, marketing agencies, printing companies and entrepreneurs looking to start a lucrative new business.

It is a very profitable business model, with profit margins > 90%.

There will be continuous support subscription as well as consumables and extra parts that will allow sales agents to earn residual, recurring sales from the same customers.

What kind of agent is suited to this opportunity?

Someone with experience in commercial interior design, interior design and also someone with access to painter and decorators.

The opportunities are infinite. We can sell to companies that do fairs, events, exhibitions - so they can label and decorate the stands. We can sell to shopping malls for their interiors.

The service is great for Airports, Public spaces, Universities, Schools, Restaurants, Car Dealerships ... almost everyone on a personal level or commercial can use this service. 


  • Territory: European Union United Kingdom
  • Agent type: Independent sales agent
  • Leads provided: No leads provided
  • Commission: 10.00%
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