Industrial Solutions at Best Quality/Price - Injection Molds, Plastic or Aluminum/Zamak, Machining - 20% Commission + Residuals


Providing robust solutions is the key to driving forward an industrial project and also where most factories fail to deliver. 

At BSense, we offer technical, price and lead-time solutions for every project. We produce and deliver Industrial projects from prototype to mass production

We are not a Chinese company, but our facilities are based in China, in the heart of the industry of tooling and parts machining, where we ensure full control and full success of the projects. 

Our clients are from all over the world, they appreciate the transparency, the communication and the technical expertise.
Most of them are from design companies (looking to make prototypes parts or tools) and from production factories (where they need tooling for their production).

What kind of agent is suited to this opportunity?

Basic skills of sales are necessary, we even have unexperienced staff who are successful. 

If you are engineers , you will have an advantage (to convince the customer to trust you), or if you already have an industrial experience.
Of course if you already have clients to bring, this will bring you quick commissions.


  • Territory: Global
  • Agent type: Independent sales agent
  • Leads provided: No leads provided
  • Commission: 20.00%
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