Easy, Fast Sale That Every Business Needs - 60% Commissions


The world is going digital, how would you like to sell a digital business card to companies of all sizes, from sme's to listed groups as we already have. Supadata is not just a business card, it is a marketing, branding and sales tool, from which our customers receive extremely valuable data, reporting and analytics. Not only do our commissioned agents receive around 60% commission per sale for the first year, this income is repeated annually and for as long as our customers renew.

What kind of agent is suited to this opportunity?

Sales in our opinion is firstly having a saleable product and secondly to be able to present yourself and the product well in a respectful concise manner and build relationships. It is always beneficial to have existing customers in place as you already have a working relationship, it is then just a case of offering a new product. Having said this you had to have started somewhere and possibly went in cold and built your relationships from scratch, so you would still have this ability. It is also important to believe in the product you are selling as if you don't neither will your customer. Selling into different levels e.g to a procurement officer or at the highest level being the C.E.O is purely about confidence. If you are likeable and present yourself well and know our product inside and out, we believe you can pitch it at any level as it is not a highly technical presentation. Ideally we would like to contract with sales professionals, who already have an existing customer base or network as this short circuits success. If the agents have had experience in selling to high level management, who are generally the decision makers, this is a bonus as the agent obviously has the proven ability and confidence to sell at that level. It is important that our agents sell with honesty and integrity and do not close deals, based on what the client wants the product to do but it is unable to do it.  


  • Territory: Global
  • Agent type: Independent sales agent
  • Leads provided: No leads provided
  • Commission: 60.00%
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