Designer Bespoke Rugs Sales Opportunity Targeting Interior Designers and Retailers - 10% - 15% Commission


Who are we? 

Tribe Rugs is a brand created by a small team of Paris-based home decor enthusiasts.

We opened our doors with a unique vision: to reinvent Berber rug-making techniques, putting a contemporary design spin on the celebrated practice.

Our product : 

- Custom Hand-made Moroccan rugs : We create each  design in collaboration with our network of designers, laying the foundation for an authentic, custom Moroccan rug.

Our services  : 

Designing  and Fabricating Bespoke rugs based on our client's needs : Our designers will adapt to the needs and tastes of the clients to make something original, beautiful and one-of-a-Kind. 

- Our target clients : 

B2B : We are looking for long-term partnerships with Interior designers , decorators and retailers

B2C :  Decor enthusiasts, new movers and people who need a rug for decor or utility needs (Please find in training section our B2C Marketing targets based on different customer profiles )

Note : All rugs are made-to-order. 

Sales process summary: 

Agent responsibilities :

  • Prospecting : Finding  b2b Clients : Interior designers and Retailers 

  • Appointment setting 

  • Pitching : Introducing the brand, our concept, the product  and the problem we solve 

  • Demonstration : It can be done online, through calls or face to face ( we’ll send the agent a color and wool catalog )

  • Delivering a proposal ( The  goal is to make repeated sales with the same client )

  • Closing the sale

  • Keeping a good relation with the client for future sales. 

Please note that we'll work hand in hand with the agent through the  sales process and we'll be available for help and clarification on each step of the sales circle. 

What kind of agent is suited to this opportunity?

We are looking for : 

- Sales professionals with at least 4 years experience

- Who have experience and preferably a network of contacts in the furniture and Decor market. 

- Who have the ability to create long term b2b partnerships for our brand (with home designers and retailers)

- Who can provide leads 


  • Territory: Global
  • Agent type: Independent sales agent
  • Leads provided: No leads provided
  • Commission: 10.00%
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