CPD accredited mental health training for teachers


Almost every day there is a news story about teachers struggling to support their pupils mental health needs effectively in the classroom. Recent research suggests 1 in 10 children are struggling, and this equates to roughly 3 children in every classroom.

Schools, like other government institutions have had their funding rolled back. Many are now unable to afford to employ specialist support staff. I am sure you can imagine - that this leaves many teachers frustrated, and many children falling further, and further behind.

We have developed a specialist CPD accredited teacher training which shows them how to understand, identify and manage the five most common mental health difficulties; depression, anxiety, ADHD, conduct disorder and specific learning difficulties, within the classroom - without the need for extra support. 

A teaching assistant costs £16,000 minimum a year, and is often able to support a maximum of 10 children. For the same price schools can train 32 teachers, and support 960 children.

What kind of agent is suited to this opportunity?

We are looking for enthusiastic, proactive and talented sales professionals to partner with us over the next few weeks, months and years. Sales professionals need to be experts in their chosen style of selling so they are able to quickly establish rapport with prospects, and deal with decision makers as early as possible.

Leads are provided for sales agents, to start off with and 'hot-leads' are updated daily, generated through PPC advertising across social media, and search engines. These 'hot-leads' have been invaluable in our success as a business so far, particularly when acted upon straight away. However, sales professionals who already have links within the education sector would be invaluable.


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