Complex Subscription Management ERP for SaaS Business


Empower businesses with LISA Enterprise, the cutting-edge solution built in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Dynamics 365 Sales, designed for $30M+ revenue businesses in Software, IT, and Telecom. Specialize in selling a transformative solution that masterfully orchestrates complex subscription models and enhances procurement processes. 

With an average of 1 deal a month you can earn over €500K in commissions per year!

Join us to offer a game-changing service that integrates billing, consumption, and professional services along with payment collections from the large payment providers (such as Stripe & GoCardless), setting a new standard in the industry. Your chance to lead in the tech sales arena!

What kind of agent is suited to this opportunity?

The ideal self-employed sales professional for this opportunity would possess a unique blend of experience, skills, and attributes tailored to the dynamic and demanding nature of selling LISA Enterprise. Here are the key characteristics that would make a salesperson particularly well-suited for this role:

  1. Enterprise Sales Experience: A professional with a proven track record in the enterprise space, especially in selling complex software solutions. This experience is crucial for understanding the nuances of large-scale sales cycles and the intricacies of dealing with high-revenue businesses. Ideally the salesperson must understand the MEDDICCS methodology and the art of keeping stakeholders engaged. 

  2. Expertise in Creating Compulsion and Urgency: The ability to create a sense of compulsion and urgency is essential. This professional knows how to articulate the value and time-sensitive benefits of LISA Enterprise, encouraging potential clients to move swiftly through the decision-making and purchasing processes.

  3. Strategic Closing Skills: An adept closer who can navigate the end stages of the sales process with precision. This involves understanding when and how to push for contract closure, ensuring that deals are not only made but also finalized efficiently and effectively.

  4. Strong Financial Acumen: Knowledge of financial processes and systems, particularly in the context of Dynamics 365 Finance, would be a significant asset. This understanding enables the salesperson to convincingly communicate the financial and operational benefits of LISA Enterprise to prospective clients.

  5. Relationship-Building Prowess: Despite the focus on urgency and closing, the ability to build and maintain strong, trust-based relationships with clients is indispensable. This ensures not just initial sales success but also fosters long-term partnerships and potential future business.

A sales professional who embodies these characteristics would not only thrive in selling LISA Enterprise but also significantly contribute to the overarching goals and success of our company in the competitive enterprise software market.


  • Territory: Global
  • Agent type: Independent sales agent
  • Leads provided: No leads provided
  • Commission: 35.00%
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