Cloud Security SaaS Product - Average deal 1M+ ARR - Up to 16.5% Residual FOREVER. Possible Challenges: Lead Generation, Sales Cycle Length


Target Market:  Any company that uses Amazon Web Services(AWS) or Azure

Are you a skilled and motivated sales professional with proven ability to sell high ticket B2B products? IAM Health Cloud offers an opportunity to sell best in class security and cloud management software to medium and large businesses across the globe. Gross commissions are uncapped, and sales professionals receive residuals for the lifetime of the contract. 

IAM Health Cloud is a cloud-based solution that helps organizations manage and secure AWS and Azure environments. We target the most important part of the cloud security stack; Identity and Access Management, the set of tools that manage access to mission critical network resources. Expert control and oversight of IAM increases security, lowers complexity, and reduces cost. With an active query model that securely queries and combines IAM data from multiple AWS accounts in real-time, IAM Health Cloud provides fresh, relevant, and valid data that empowers organizations to make informed decisions quickly. Our customer is any business with a large IT department that relies on Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure. 

The market for cloud-based IAM solutions is growing rapidly, with increasing demand for cloud-based security solutions in various industries. As more organizations move their services to the cloud, the demand for IAM Health Cloud is likely to increase. As an independent sales professional, you'll have the opportunity to earn high commissions on deals with an average size of $1 million or more.

IAM Health Cloud offers a commission structure that pays on gross profit, ensuring that your commission reflects the actual value of the deal. With a commission rate of 10% of the gross, you will generate significant earnings for successfully scoping out deals. We provide our sales professionals with product training, sales training, marketing materials, sales support, and account management support, ensuring that you have the resources succeed. 

Your goal is to reach out to potential clients, explain the need, and book a product demo. Once a demo is booked and a customer shows interest we are prepared to take control of the rest of the sales cycle: Booking a demo that leads to a sale is all you have to do to earn your full commission. Help with the sale after booking a demo is encouraged, and in many cases could be the deciding factor in closing a large account; but it is not required. 

After a deal is ready to close and is in final negotiations we have high margin add-on services you can offer to your customers. These are not a core offering and are not brought up early on, but they represent a strong chance to increase what you are paid on a deal. These add on services; such as additional consulting or assistance with bespoke integrations, can add as much as thirteen percent to the final price. We pay fifty percent of their gross value as a commission to sales staff. This gives our team members the opportunity to earn recurring commission rates as high as 16.5%--much higher than industry standard. 

Cold and warm leads are provided as we perform outreach or run marketing campaigns, but we expect most sales to come from self-generated leads. Sales professionals with existing clients in IT, regulated industries, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, have a very good chance of closing a deal quickly. Sales professionals with a strong background in high ticket B2B SaaS outreach or contacts who work with complex digital or physical infrastructure will also do well. 

Sales professionals need to be prepared for a longer sales cycle; this is typical for a higher priced item in the software space. 

This is an incredible opportunity--one or two decent deals can easily generate commissions in the hundreds of thousands of dollar for years. When companies use our software they are unlikely to ever cancel, and we have budgeted for indefinite, recurring commissions in our pricing and business structure. We will never cut back on payments because of budget constraints or economic factors. Any sale you make stays your sale forever.

If you're a self-motivated sales professional with a proven track record of successful sales, technical expertise, and strong communication skills, or looking to add this type of product to your portfolio, we want to hear from you. 

Join our team and help organizations across a range of industries manage and secure their IAM resources in the cloud with IAM Health Cloud.

What kind of agent is suited to this opportunity?

Independent sales professionals who have experience selling cloud-based solutions or security solutions would be well-suited to sell IAM Health Cloud. Additionally, individuals with a technical background or understanding of cloud-based systems and security may be particularly effective in selling IAM Health Cloud.

Here are some key characteristics of independent sales professionals that could be well-suited to selling IAM Health Cloud:

  1. Strong sales skills: Independent sales professionals should have a proven track record of successful sales and be able to effectively communicate the value of IAM Health Cloud to potential customers.

  2. Technical expertise: Individuals with a technical background or understanding of cloud-based systems and security can be particularly effective in selling IAM Health Cloud. They can speak knowledgeably about the product and address potential customer concerns.

  3. Industry experience: Independent sales professionals with experience selling into the healthcare, financial services, retail, government, or education industries may have an advantage in selling IAM Health Cloud to organizations in these sectors.

  4. Self-motivated: Independent sales roles require a high level of self-motivation and self-discipline. Sales professionals should be able to manage their own time effectively and work independently to meet their sales targets.

  5. Strong communication skills: Independent sales professionals should have excellent communication skills, both written and verbal. They should be able to effectively communicate with potential customers and build strong relationships with them.

In summary, independent sales professionals who have experience selling cloud-based solutions or security solutions, technical expertise, industry experience, self-motivation, and strong communication skills would be well-suited to selling IAM Health Cloud.


  • Territory: Global
  • Agent type: Independent sales agent
  • Leads provided: No leads provided
  • Commission: 10.00%
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