Award Winning - Fully Orthopaedic And Ergonomically Designed School Bags For Kids and Teens - UK Retail Sales Opportunity


Totem is a successful, award winning, leading 'back to school' brand with a strong consumer following and highly successful sales in leading retailers globally.

This is an opportunity for independent sales representatives to sell our innovative and award winning products into retail outlets across the United Kingdom.

Our schoolbags offer positive health advantages to children and teens and are packed with innovative features to assist kids when carrying their daily heavy loads in a medically correct way.

Our product range has been so well received by the market that retailers regularly sell out and place regular repeat orders.

Our high end range of products include:

  • Orthopaedic School bags
  • Ergonomic School bags
  • Crawford School bags
  • Day Pack
  • Sling Bags
  • Trolley Bags
  • Kindergarten School bags
  • Lunch bags

    We specialise in a large range of ergonomically designed beautiful school bags and pencil cases.

    TOTEM bags are high quality, durable , carry a 3 year guarantee and are built to take the normal treatment kids dish out.

    The bags are attractive in  design with attention to detail. A combination of innovative construction , beneficial features, medical endorsement, professionally manufactured and consistent quality.

  • What kind of agent is suited to this opportunity?

    We are looking for independent sales agents who are able to sell to both C-level and A-level executives. 

    Experience selling into the retail sector is also advantageous. Contacts in the following industries would be beneficial; Stationery, Luggage, School Wear, Kids Stores and Department Stores.

    We are also very open to working with sales professionals who may not have had prior experience but are interested in representing our company and selling our products.


    • Territory: Global
    • Agent type: Independent sales agent
    • Leads provided: No leads provided
    • Commission: 25.00%
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