All companies need data security, workflow, GDPR readiness and one click search on all data. Everything in one place with Byfrost


Byfrost consists of a dynamic out of the box thinking team, focusing on making Byfrost the information backbone companies must have.

To collect, structure and secure all data (emails, attachments, letters, faxes, invoices, internal papers including old archives) should be of priority to all companies, Byfrost handles all that for you. At the same time it is easy and intuitive to use, giving access to all information in one search, time saving, with an unique GDPR search, encryption of all data and much more. Byfrost document archiving & management made easy streamlines your work, smarter and faster.

Byfrost’s potential clients are the majority of all companies, since everyone needs fast and secure access to information, enabling to find everything in one search from a secure base of all their information. Byfrost is a reliable stand alone application that is not dependant on other software, meaning companies can change their software as best fit for their business and each situation without losing existing data.

What kind of agent is suited to this opportunity?

You have a professional sales attitude and good understanding of companies’ need for data security, workflow and for saving time. If you know how to use GDPR readiness as well, it would be a welcome addition for a highly motivated and passionate sales professional.


  • Territory: European Union
  • Agent type: Independent sales agent
  • Commission: 20.00%
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