Add an Innovative Line of Cooling Products to Your Portfolio and Increase Your Commission Profits!


SurgeCool is a Korean company that produces a variety of innovative health, beauty, sports, safety, and consumer products that provide portable cooling and temperature-control solutions for a wide range of markets. We are researching and developing our product lines constantly and hope to work together with you so that we both increase sales.

We have customers in the health, medical, sports, outdoor, safety, industrial, consumer (general merchandise retail), and even the agricultural markets. There are so many opportunities available for a wide range of specialties and focuses! Some of our products can supply many markets, while others specialize in certain fields. Nonetheless, we work hard to support and cooperate with our agents and business partners in achieving goals for the markets and customers served.

We are a flexible company that is looking for hard-working sales agents who make and complete sales, but we are also open to provide referral commissions to agents who know others looking for opportunities like ours.

What kind of agent is suited to this opportunity?

Since we are a new and unique product, usually we have most success with sales professionals that already have experience and a proven network in the markets we serve. Introduction of a new product into these markets takes some time. However, any agents that commit the time find great results and responses from buyers. And of course, we are open to any agents that have the drive and commitment to pursue this great opportunity, regardless of years of experience. The nature of products vary significantly based on product type and market. For retail products, agents should be experienced and have networks of decision-making buyers that approve new vendors for their stores. Our medical, safety, and industrial products would need agents that know project managers and executives who have the authority to approve a large order for their current or future work. And of course, we need dedicated and motivated agents that are willing to allocate their time appropriately and patiently in order to penetrate into new markets and customers effectively.


  • Territory: Global
  • Agent type: Independent sales agent
  • Commission: 10.00%
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