£62,000/Year (YOU Set the Prices!) In-Demand Nicotine Products That Help Smokers Quit! Established Wholesaler With 700+ Reviews


Wholesale our in-demand nicotine products and earn £62,000-£100,000+ per year!

We'll provide a cold lead list in your area with direct contacts. You're welcome to use any selling methods that work for you. We've found in-person selling to be especially effective in this case.

With the ability to sell products at considerably below the market rate, you won't have to rely on your amazing sales skills to persuade customers to part with their hard earned cash.

You'll earn 10% of all sales, 25% of everything above £1.40/can, and 50% of anything above £1.70 per can!

You set the prices... the best bit? Our competitors are selling for over £4 per can...

When you close just 10 deals per month, you could earn as much as £62,000 in 12 months and well over £100,000 during your second year!

What kind of agent is suited to this opportunity?

We're looking for agents who are:

  • Skilled salespeople
  • Familiar with (or ready to learn) the way our products help smokers quit
  • Prepared to learn and memorise product details

Familiarity or experience with nicotine products is ideal but not required.


  • Territory: Global
  • Agent type: Independent sales agent
  • Leads provided: Cold leads provided
  • Commission: 10.00%
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