100% commission on first month 10% ongoing monthly commissions on easy to sell IT and Cyber Security solutions!


We have a simple and easy to sell Cyber Security offering that businesses find indispensable.

Our average deal size is $10,000 a month.

For example, if you close the average sized deal, we will pay you $10,000 for the first month and then $1000 a month for the life of the client. If you provide a lead to us to close, we will give you 10% a month ongoing for the life of the contract or $1000 a month in this example.

Many of our clients need our services month to month unless they go out of business, merge or retire so our churn is low.

We have an easy to sell IT services offer that is priced right. Offsite IT provides professional IT services and cybersecurity services to US based businesses between 5-300.  

We have one the best offers that is easy to learn, sell and understand. 

Our ideal client is technology dependent businesses with a high PC/Mac to user count, law firms, accounting firms, manufacturing, financial services etc.

What kind of agent is suited to this opportunity?

The ideal self-employed sales professional for our opportunity would be someone who:

  1. Builds Relationships: They excel at building and maintaining strong relationships with clients. They understand that sales is not just about transactions, but about creating trust and providing value over time.
  2. Communicates Effectively: They have excellent communication skills, able to explain cyber security concepts in a way that is easy for clients to understand.
  3. Understands Customer Needs: They are adept at understanding and anticipating the needs of clients, and can tailor our cyber security solutions to meet those needs.
  4. Shows Empathy: They show empathy towards clients, understanding their concerns about cyber security and offering reassurance along with our services.
  5. Demonstrates Patience: Cyber security can be a complex field for clients to navigate. The ideal sales professional will be patient, taking the time to guide clients through their options and helping them make informed decisions.
  6. Exhibits Professionalism: They maintain a high degree of professionalism in all interactions, representing our company’s commitment to quality and service.

In essence, we’re looking for sales professionals who are not just knowledgeable, but also personable, patient, and committed to providing excellent customer service. If this sounds like you, we’d love to hear from you! 


  • Territory: North America United States
  • Agent type: Independent sales agent
  • Leads provided: Mixed leads provided
  • Commission: 10.00%
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