#1 eCheck (eDebit) processor in the USA with over $1.9B processed, 35%+ commission rates, and Targeted Leads


We, Green.Money, provide Merchants with an alternative payment processing solution, called eDebit (or eCheck).  eDebit is a way merchants can accept payments from their customer's bank account using a Digital Check.

Our software is both robust and user-friendly, allowing merchants to manually process payments. We also offer API tools and tech-driven integrations to make customer checkouts seamless. Payments are deposited within one business day, and we even have the option for same-day deposits!

Merchants opt for Green because we pioneered eDebit services online in 2008. Back then, the alternatives were either cumbersome, outdated software or accepting checks via mail. Now, fast-forwarding to today, we've modernized our processes to align with how business is conducted in the 2020’s. Green specializes in catering to new, high-risk, and underserved merchants across all sectors. Our platform is ideally suited for merchants who process payments either online through shopping carts or via phone. We offer a valuable alternative to traditional credit card processing, with significant advantages that many merchants are unaware of.

Besides serving merchants, we also cater to Merchant Processors and ISOs. If you're already in the merchant-services industry, adding our solution to your portfolio can be a strategic move. Our tools, quick approval times, and capabilities make us an appealing option for those in the merchant services field or anyone connected to a network of business owners. We offer override commissions and bonuses for referrals, making it rewarding to introduce other ISOs and business professionals to our network.

What kind of agent is suited to this opportunity?

A network of existing business owners or exposure to new businesses will be beneficial for getting started with us. Prominent industries we service are Kratom, CBD, Online Pharmacy, Debt Collection, and Timeshare management. Any Registered Business, with a US Checking account, can benefit from our service. 

You will often be working with the business owners, company financial officers,  and decision-makers in a given business. 


  • Territory: Global
  • Agent type: Independent sales agent
  • Leads provided: No leads provided
  • Commission: 15.00%
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