Unique Nasal Filters to combat London Air Pollution, Pervasive Pollen and Industrial Dust


We are the official distributors of NOSK Nasal Filters in the UK & Ireland. We want industrial buyers as well as wholesalers and retailers to purchase in bulk and sell NOSK nasal filters to the consumer. We have received a number of pre-orders which we'll pass on to the first retailer who signs up.

NOSK is incredibly effective against allergens, including pollen and dust so there's plenty of scope for growth with the hayfever season fast approaching.

We also believe there is a considerable market for industrial use - essentially, any environment with particles in the air is potentially hazardous to human health and that includes high-tech factories, bakeries, hair salons, shipyards... and everything in between -

Although it's a class-1 medical device, NOSK can be sold anywhere; retail, pharmacy, sports store, supermarket.

Get on board with NOSK; there's huge potential in this product.

What kind of agent is suited to this opportunity?

Having contacts in the relevant retail business is key - pharmacies, retail, sports store and supermarkets. Wholesaler connections and any connections in industrial safety products would also be useful.

NOSK is a great product, but like any innovative product, it needs the type of person who can make the argument, persuade the apprehensive and ensure that the benefits of the product are wholly understood.

It goes without saying and reliability, honesty and trustworthiness are traits that we like. We intend to build long-lasting partnerships with the sales consultants, our customers and clients and a central part of that is ensuring an amazing customer experience.


  • Territory: European Union Ireland United Kingdom
  • Agent type: Independent sales agent
  • Commission: 20.00%
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