$$$ Trillion Dollar Exploding Market With TheTop Cyber Security leader In Security Validation and Effectiveness With Mandiant/Fireeye.


The Problem:

  • 53% of Companies are completely missing or unaware of executed cyber attacks (Primarily due to broken processes & misconfigured tools)
  • 74% of attacks on average go undetected !!
  • Only 9% of alerts are correlated by SIEMs

We're NOT just another blocking or detecting company. We make sure the tools they already have work the way they should !! Our product measures and optimizes their effectiveness. No one else does this today which puts us in a unique position in the market.

We represent the leader in security validation with a platform that allows organizations to measure, manage, improve and communicate their security effectiveness. One of the most critical needs for security executives today an ability to be able to communicate their competence in protecting corporate assets. We run real world attacks across the security stack to validate whether controls are performing the way the team expects them to. This allows companies true visability into security controls effectiveness, brings light into which controls need to be optimized, rationalization of security spend . 

What kind of agent is suited to this opportunity?

There are multiple ways to accomplish our growth goals. If you're a seasoned business development rockstar , a hunter salesperson who can take a new product and uncover opportunities and contacts,or a professional with extensive networks who can make introductions, there is a place for you.

For any of the above, we'll provide training, ongoing support, and active participation in all aspects of the sales process (RFP'S, discovery, demos, pricing, implementation scoping, contract negotiations, etc). We're looking for agressive pipeline development - find the opportunity and the person, set up the call/s, and our team will do the rest for you !


  • Territory: Global
  • Agent type: Independent sales agent
  • Commission: 40.00%
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