The title of your opportunity should be exciting and descriptive of what is being sold. It needs to draw the agent in to read more!


[NOTE TO SALES AGENTS]: This is a template we give to companies to guide them towards creating a great sales opportunity for you. This is not a sales opportunity.

Your short summary should be descriptive of the actual sales opportunity you are presenting to agents. The tone should also be set towards sales agents.

While keeping this section short, around two paragraphs, you should sell your opportunity to sales agents here. Be succinct.


1. Who you are, and what you do.

2. What your product or service is and the solution it provides.

3. Your ideal clients and who sales agents would be selling to.

Please try to be as clear and exciting as possible about this as this section will play a crucial role in your sales opportunity feature.  Use formatting where you can to make the most appealing aspects of what you're saying stand out.

What kind of agent is suited to this opportunity?

Use this section is to address things like the desirable sales style, experience or contacts within the relevant industry. Are you looking for someone with a consultative sales style and can nurture your clients over the long term to ensure repeat business?

Is it important that an agent has experience selling to a certain level stakeholder within an organisation (e.g. C-Level executives or high level management)? Try to be specific.

It's also important to understand the type of agent you can potentially interact with and determine if there's a scope for long-term partnership, or if there's scope for a partnership at all.  Agents might be looking for opportunities to:

  • Generate leads for a referral fee.
  • Close leads for you: if you aren't providing leads, agents of this type aren't really an option. Please state this clearly.
  • Close deals by running the full sales cycle.

It's also really important to know where an opportunity may lie for a partnership. Of course, you're ideally after agents with experience selling products/services similar to yours as they'd naturally find them easier to sell; and to generate leads for. On top of that, they are more likely to have a relevant network of industry contacts. It's a no-brainer to seek out agents of this type first.

However, it's highly likely that there's even more agents out there who have a different industry background, but (and it's a HUGE but)... have a large potential client base that lies in their areas of expertise - ie. your target industries.

Knowing this fact, you need to adjust your sales opportunity to its true versatility by determining the level of specialisation required in the sales process. Is it an absolute must that the agent has the relevant industry experience, or can they be trained to understand how to sell your products services? You should to arrive to one of the following conclusions:

  • The sale of your product/service requires a level of specialty that can only be acquired through the experience of selling similar products/services previously. If this is the case, the full sales opportunity will realistically only be open to these agents.
    However, you can still benefit from presenting this as a great referral opportunity for agents outside of the industry (for which you only need to teach them how to qualify leads).
  • Your sales process can be learned and executed by any agent that's truly willing to do so.

In both cases you want to have a solid process of getting the agents you connect with up to speed: the CommissionCrowd Sales Playbook Template helps you execute this perfectly (see the CommissionCrowd Sales Academy).


  • Territory: Global
  • Agent type: Independent sales agent
  • Leads provided: Warm leads provided
  • Commission: 25.00%
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