Super Fast Growing Web Agency - Leads Provided - 4-6 Meetings Served per Day


Are you one of those sales people that love closing deals but really don't care much for stuff such as prospecting, cold calling and dealing with post-order work? Then this is the job for you.

As a Weblify sales person you will be served 4-6 meetings with new potential customers EVERY DAY. We handle all the prospecting as well as the cold contacting. All you have to do is to learn our well-tested sales pitch, take the meetings and close deals. Essentially we do the boring part - You do the fun part.

Weblify is a Swedish Web Agency that is revolutionising the way websites are built. How? We finish the design before we've even met the customer. Now, that is disruptive.

We landed on the ground running and sold over 300 websites the first year (2018). We're aiming at 1000 this year and our ambition is to be the largest web agency in the world within 2-3 years. 

What kind of agent is suited to this opportunity?

We have a clear idea who our sales personality is. We're looking for born closers. We're looking for people that could sell sand in Sahara and snow to an eskimo. We pay little to no interest in X amount of years of experience. Or a background in our industry. We'd much rather hire the natural born closer in all of United States than someone with 3 years background in selling websites.

We have all the tools you need. We're just looking for the right person to use them with maximum effect.


  • Territory: Global
  • Agent type: Independent sales agent
  • Commission: 15.00%
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