Sociallyin Video Production | Market Tested | 15%-25% residual commission paid for both closed deals and referrals!


At Sociallyin, we innovate to meet the needs of our client. We are a full service social media marketing agency and we offer a full range of in-house, video and content production.

We are creatives, artists, designers. We are writers, photographers, and strategists. Above all, we are humans, and the intentionality behind the human touch is what we believe makes our work significant.

We’re a curious group, and we believe that’s the only way to be in this space. Our best work happens when we collaborate with clients who share our focus and passion. We try to understand what people care about and where their attention lies versus fixating on specific social platforms. 

The reward for creating something truly original doesn’t come without its risks of trying something new. But we’re ready to risk it! Are you?

What kind of agent is suited to this opportunity?

We feel this opportunity is best suited to people who have the ability to get in contact with business decision makers or have a pre-existing network within our target industries. Our ideal sales professional will take a consultative approach when appropriate, but also know how to close the deal when a prospect is ready to buy! The ability to do research on the company, their competitors and the ability to present and relate to marketing challenges businesses face is ideal.

This sales opportunity primarily focuses on agents that have a network, or are willing to work with us to help us grow theirs (please note that we're willing to provide any necessary training you may require when it comes to selling our services):

  • Those who already possess an existing network of interest; clearly see the solution we provide, and how to identify those experiencing a problem we can solve.

  • Those who are inspired by the solution we provide: an innovative solution for affordable prices, and want to gain maximum profit by generating a network of interest, then capitalising on it.

However we're aware of the scope of business over time. That's why we're also open to speaking about potential partnerships with:

  • Agents who are open to connecting referral leads with us.

  • Agents who are closers by nature, but are patient and hungry enough that they're capable of not only generating leads, but closing them.

The commission structures will go as follows:

  • Closing Provided leads- 15% residual commission paid every month on leads that we provide to you, beginning at paid invoice from the client

  • Referring leads that close- 20% residual commission paid every month on leads that you refer that WE close, beginning at paid invoice from the client

  • Self Prospected Leads- 25% residual commission paid every month on leads that you self prospect or “hunt”, beginning at paid invoice from the client 

Our culture is without a doubt one of the reasons we as a company and you working with us will be successful- If you work with us, you'll be part of a team that's ready and willing to assist you with any queries you have - no matter how small or big! 


  • Territory: Global
  • Agent type: Independent sales agent
  • Leads provided: Warm leads provided
  • Commission: 25.00%
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