Selling  Sales Lead Generation software - 35% Commission immediately plus follow on commission for renewals


ctone targets the healthcare industry, specifically professionals involved in providing hearing health.

The opportunity is to bid specialist Lead Generation Software to  experts in the Hearing Aid industry.   The software is a marketing tool designed to attract and engage patients with hearing issues so they can get professional advice and solutions from their nearby clinic.  It allows a hearing test to be done at home by anybody giving an indicative diagnosis of hearing health with a referral if it is required.

The referral is to a designated clinic with an option to book the appointment time and date automatically with the clinic professional.  The system is used on the hearing clinic's website or optionally on General Practitioners, Pharmacy or Optician websites.

The professionals (known as a Hearing Aid Audiologists) constantly requires patients, many of whom don't know what to do or how to go about resolving their hearing issues.   

Research indicates the typical sales/marketing spend using traditional marketing and advertising is €400 per new client. ctone deploys state-of-art digital marketing tools which are game changers for this industry, providing accurate and measurable return on marketing outlay for the professionals.

What kind of agent is suited to this opportunity?

This is B2B, generally selling to the any organisation involved in selling products to consumers which enhances their hearing.  It is preferable to have some knowledge of selling software and will require the sales person demonstrate the technology using on-line methods or technologies.  In general there will be no need to visit potential clients as everything can be done online.  It will also require the sales person to prepare, by reviewing the current website of their target customers and understanding what added value ctone will bring. 


  • Territory: European Union North America Canada Ireland United Kingdom United States
  • Agent type: Independent sales agent
  • Commission: 35.00%
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