Sell Database Consulting & Managed Services & Solutions in US, U.K & Europe -Up to 25% Commission, Training & Leads Provided


People and Data are what is moving modern business. In terms of people, experts that manage, analyze and answer critical business questions for varying customer databases are in demand. These are Database Administrators and consultants. Data has also grown enormously for organizations that, ready or not have become IT businesses over the last two years.
The variety of database solutions and environments make it increasingly difficult to navigate and cost-effectively grow a business.
Whether it’s simultaneous bank transfer transactions worth millions being error-free for saas digital banking platforms, hosting customer applications working with database servers for millions of users of a software provider, tens of millions of electronic health data records managed for patients, personal data for millions of insurance customers and multiplied other scenarios, they all require fast, secure and managed database consultancy and services.  Especially remote!

Not picking the right database environment matching business, IT architecture requirements and a team of DBAS usually means high costs and complexity. Reduced database project transition time, reduced database license costs, optimized health checks and expertise at optimized cost has become imperative as businesses face crisis and opportunity with new and legacy database projects necessary to succeed with customers.

This is where BAAER comes in.

 We're looking for either:
1) A full-Cycle Sales agent who has their own existing networks and contacts that fit- Upto25%
2) A Closer-Up to 20%
3) Or a Referrer - 10%  A person who either doesn't sell or want to fully sell our specific services but already has contacts/does business with our potential clients for a negotiated residual commission on referral business.

Ideal Target Customers:

1) Businesses in the HealthCare, Information Technology & Software, Banking and Financial, Insurance, Manufacturing, Supply and Logistics, Online Booking, Online Commerce.

2) Companies that have a database environment whether traditional or Cloud database environment, SQL or NoSQL

3) Companies that have a Database Administrator,  DBA team and need help with best practices and tools to monitor and manage or need a DBA or DA team.

4) Companies that would like to reduce Database license costs for Oracle, MSSQL and other database environments or migrate from Oracle or MSSQL etc to PostgreSQL or consulting on migrating to AWS or Azue as well as deploying NoSQL databases.

5) Companies with complex database environments that want to run health checks on their database environments and save costs or plan DBA work for environments.

6) Businesses running applications on Oracle, MSSQL, PostgreSQL client database environments who need to monitor and manage the environment to reduce DBA costs and reduce database transition time.

7)  Companies in need of monitoring and management tools for MSSQL and AzureSQL database environments

8) Companies needing to optimize or carry out health checks on Oracle, MSSQL,PostgreSQL ot other databases.

What kind of agent is suited to this opportunity?

Should Have Contacts and leads you can bring in addition to those we provide to win U.S and UK territory.
Self-Driven, Proven and Results-Oriented IT Sales person with specific preferred experience on the U.S, U.K and /or E.U markets.
Someone willing to participate in weekly goal execution meetings on progress and provide market info to drive our marketing and lead gen process to boost potential sales..


  • Territory: Global
  • Agent type: Independent sales agent
  • Leads provided: Warm leads provided
  • Commission: 25.00%
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