SDN Driver Connect! Potential $1m+ Earnings through Revolutionizing Freight Doc Capture, Driver Retention and Stop Analytics for Carriers of all Sizes!


Small to mid size freight carriers across the country and around the world are behind the times with technology that will benefit their companies.

 SDN streamlines Proof of Delivery submission, Document Capture, Driver Retention, Shipper/Receiver Ratings and much more!

 This solution was originally conceived by a freight company and made real by SDN.  It consists of a mobile app for drivers and a web portal for office staff.

What kind of agent is suited to this opportunity?

The first trait we are looking for out of a sales partner is drive.  As a self-employed, commission only rep, I am sure that is already in your DNA.

Next, truck carriers are "good old boys" for the most part and are also typically  family owned businesses with family members holding the C roles.  Larger firms are  more traditional B2B.

With the family owned style of sales interaction you will probably hear more swear words than "long" words, and they are coming from millionaires in most cases.

Our target sales parter is someone who can easily adapt to the target audience.  It is important to be professional while not make them feel stupid. Targeting the CIO and/or COO is the typical play.


  • Territory: North America Canada United States
  • Agent type: Independent sales agent
  • Commission: 17.00%
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