Movylo - The Powerful Sales Booster for Local Businesses - 50%  commission when you sell it (£150) + £150 residual per month, for life!


Movylo have been successfully on the market for many years now and we have many thousands of happy customers and a super high retention rate. We understand our merchant's pain points and our solution perfectly plugs the holes in their business without them having to learn how to use complex software.

We know that a happy merchant is not a super digital one, but one who has happy customers and EXTRA sales and that's what we do to help them.

 We're now looking for independent sales partners who are passionate at helping local businesses along with making good commissions (50% first sale, 50% ongoing) on sales, helping them get lost sales back.

The service to sell, How to sell it , and to whom

The service to sell is Movylo, a service that targets microbusinesses (restaurants, shops, beauty centers,... all street-front merchants) helping them find customers and increase sales.

It's a packaged service, designed to help those with a small business achieve tangible results, and includes a consultant who calls you every month.

Why a consultant who calls every month?

Often, small business owners don't have time to dedicate to using digital tools, so they don't see returns and they disconnect them (thus generating chargebacks for sellers).

Movylo instead includes a consultant who calls every month to help the customer achieve results, even using Movylo for them if they prefer.

At what price is it sold?

You will sell this package: £299/month, the user is billed the same amount every 1 month, automatically. 

You will get 50% (=£150) upon activation and 50% (=£150) for all renewals, for the life of the customer.

How is it sold?

We have polished up over the years an effective and smooth sales approach, that is non-technical and will help you go to the point and close the sale very fast:

Imagine going to a potential customer (e.g., a restaurant) and start by showing them how many sales they are losing because they are not promoting themselves well online.

If you help them understand that they are losing money... then they will need help and you can propose Movylo.

To show them how many sales they are losing, you can start from and do a test, so you will understand the process.

Don't worry! There will be intense and continuous training on this!

What we can offer you?

If you have sold in the past, you know how important the following things are, regardless of the product you sell:

  • A simple and clear commission plan: 50% upon activation & 50% for all renewals, for the life of the customer.
  • Timely and precise commission payments
  • Intense training and constant support directly from Movylo.

Want to learn more?

What kind of agent is suited to this opportunity?

We're looking to partner with independent sales reps who truly understand how our solutions benefit local businesses around the UK and the U.S. 

We're looking for passionate people who care about the local small business owner and take a consultative and friendly approach when it comes time to meet the merchant and present our product.

P.S: Existing network of SME contacts or a proven track record of selling to SMEs is a must.


  • Territory: Global
  • Agent type: Independent sales agent
  • Leads provided: No leads provided
  • Commission: 50.00%
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