Mimio - The ONLY Mobile App technology that offers SME's their own personalised app - 90% Cheaper and Faster!


About Us 

Mimio is a mobile app technology that can be licensed out to e-commerce companies that allows them to have their own custom made Apple and Android app, made 90% cheaper and faster than the market average.

Great Earning Potential! 

As an introductory offer to using this platform, we're offering all sales agents 30% Commission on all sales of the app technology. £3,000 per sale. 

Strong Record 

Our robust team has created 50+ Apps before for clients all over the world. With our technology, you can service thousands of local and online businesses globally. As long as they are selling products, we will be able to create them a personalised app. They will have full control over all aspects of it!

Our Founders

You're going to be working with two young and exciting entrepreneurs in their late 20s, born and raised in the City of London. Clear vision, experienced and reliable. 


"Appily ever after" 

What kind of agent is suited to this opportunity?

We're looking for someone who is easy and transparent when communicating and ideally has a network either online or in local proximity to them (demographically). You must be willing to give updates, and tell us how the process is going (and we will provide support where required).

If you do not have a background in mobile apps, this isn't necessarily a problem, but you must commit to understanding the product and the value of the opportunity. If you have experience in licensing products and selling SaaS solutions then that would be ideal.

The goal is to license the technology out to as many businesses as possible. If you feel you can do this (irrespective of your background) then we are keen to hear from you and will provide you with the training and support you require to get the sales in.

Our target market is small and medium sized enterprises. These companies are generally owned by the founders who have a few staff working under them (usually between 2-15). As you will generally be dealing with the store owners and CEO's of either small startups you must be confident in pitching to them through your desired choice i.e. face to face, over the phone etc and educating them about the opportunity.


  • Territory: Global
  • Agent type: Independent sales agent
  • Commission: 30.00%
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