Make a Difference and Get Paid! Sales Superstars Needed to Help Men Prioritise Their Mental Health and Smash Stigma! - 30% Commission


The Wisdom Gym is a brand new wellness app for men that enables them to work out their mental health.

There is currently no male-focused mental health app in the corporate market, and we wish to become the market leader.

If a business has male employees, we want them to use The Wisdom Gym. Corporate membership can also be given to female employees, family members, and even customers.

The Wisdom Gym is the only solution on the market that has been created for men.

According to Mind 32% of men have had a mental health problem, or poor mental health as a result of their job. Plus, 66% of men suffer from work-related stress, with 13% saying it’s unmanageable but only 12% have spoken to a professional about it (Cigna).

61% of men in a recent survey said they feel like they can’t discuss their mental health problems with their boss because they feel like their professional abilities would be questioned, their boss wouldn’t understand or their employer would judge them (CV Library). 

So there’s clearly more that employers need to be doing to support their employees. This is where we come in. The Wisdom Gym offers an affordable solution to the make mental health problem.

Suicide remains a stigma for many men, even in modern times. Social expectations about masculinity lead some to feel that important emotions should be kept hidden, making it especially difficult for them to reach out for help. For those who remain deeply uncomfortable with talking openly about their struggles, The Wisdom Gym is an incredibly valuable resource - it offers men a safe way to seek counsel without sharing their identity or story if they don't want to. Without resources like this, male suicide rates would remain so tragically high.

Especially considering that thousands of men take their own lives every year, leaving their loved ones and communities to grapple with the painful aftermath. We need to remember that suicide does not only affect the individual but takes its toll on those around them as well. Knowing how close it can hit home, we need to understand the breadth and depth of this issue to provide support and resources to those in need. Sadly, statistics show that four out of every one hundred men will take their own life - if you haven't yet had the experience of such a tragedy in your environment, you or someone you know may likely face such a situation at some point. 

That is why the Wisdom Gym app is the perfect tool for men looking to take control of their life and find greater fulfilment. With mental exercises designed to develop resilience and strength, the app will help users transform their lives, health, emotions, relationships, and beliefs for a healthier sense of well-being and overall happiness. Ranging from simple quizzes to more challenging decisions and problem-solving scenarios relevant to everyday life, The Wisdom Gym app also focuses on mental and emotional fitness. Enjoying the convenience of enhancing your overall self at home or wherever you may be equipped with a smartphone makes The Wisdom Gym an invaluable asset in today's world of technology.

The app ensures that men have access to all kinds of support. With private, pre-recorded classes available for your convenience and pleasure - anytime, any day - it's like having your private oasis filled with guidance and comfort whenever the pressure becomes too great. Commit to three sessions a week and reap the results of improved life understanding, stress relief, and lightening of those heavy negative emotions--in no time! Plus, our experienced coaches are committed to helping you discover your hidden potential. Through the guidance of experienced coaches and therapists, men can have the opportunity to uncover new values and goals that will help them to you shape a meaningful perspective. 

When staff are happy and well in their life, their work productivity goes up, and business profits will grow  – Staff benefit, and so does the business. It makes sense for companies to join The Wisdom Gym.


What kind of agent is suited to this opportunity?

We are looking for a commission-only sales rep who is passionate about mental health and wellness and has experience selling to businesses. Our ideal candidate is someone who understands the importance of mental health in the workplace and is committed to helping companies create a supportive environment for their male employees. They should have excellent communication and interpersonal skills and be comfortable with cold calling, networking, and relationship building.

This sales opportunity should be interesting for candidates who are looking to make a difference in people's lives while also having the potential to earn a high income. As a commission-only role, this is an opportunity for a driven and self-motivated individuals to take control of their earnings and build a successful sales career while positively impacting men's mental health worldwide.


  • Territory: Global
  • Agent type: Independent sales agent
  • Leads provided: No leads provided
  • Commission: 30.00%
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