Huge $$$$ in Exploding Market 40% Residual Commissions Selling Cutting Edge Identity and Access Management, Biometrics and ID Proofing.


Identity is at the core of everything we do, whether opening a bank account, shopping online, signing up for a casino player card, or renting a car. While the way the world conducts business has embraced digitization and ‘Open Banking ’, the process of verifying identity and combatting fraud have lagged far behind - until now !

Identity Proofing and use of Biometrics is exploding in the market – in simple terms, think about how you can unlock your iPhone or the apps on your phone (eg: Paypal) with your face – now apply that approach to everything dealing with identity!

Within the next 5-10 years everything you do will involve digital identity management & biometrics – and we have the best and most adaptable ID Proofing and Biometrics technologies commercially available.

Join us in grabbing market share and then realizing perpetual residuals on closed accounts. This is a phenomenal opportunity where the only limitation lies in your ability to think up new use cases.

For starters, do you have contacts or networks in these industries ?

1) Financial Services (banks, insurance companies, investment firms, etc) – They must verify identity (KYC) when opening accounts (in person or online).

2) Casinos/ Online Gaming – They verify age and identity when setting up a player accounts, letting persons onto the gaming floor, and during cash payouts.

3) Sports Venues – Fenway Park uses biometrics for VIP and season ticket holders to expedite getting through the gate. How many stadiums and entertainment venues are in the US ?

4) Travel and Hospitality – Airport or hotel check-in, airport luggage ticketing, and expedited security lane access. Singapore airport’s terminal 4 uses Idemia and passengers can go from curb to gate in 12 mins (check-in, baggage drop, security line, digital border pass issuance, etc).

5) Commerce/ e-Commerce - (gas stations, liquor stores, tobacco stores, medical marijuana dispensaries, bars and nightclubs, anyone selling age restricted goods, etc) – identity and age verification.  Any ecommerce business combatting fraud.

6) Medical – Patient biometric identification and check in, touchless registration and access control, find patients who’ve ‘wondered off’, check in and manage vendors.

7) Corporate Campus / School Campus – Visitor check in and access control.

What kind of agent is suited to this opportunity?

There are multiple ways to accomplish our growth goals. If you’re a seasoned business development rockstar, a hunter salesperson who can take a new product and uncover opportunities and contacts, or a professional with extensive networks who can make introductions, there is a place for you.

For any of the above, we’ll provide training, ongoing support, and active participation or ownership in all aspects of the sales process (RFPs, discovery, demos, pricing, implementation scoping, contract negotiations, etc). Our philosophy is that we want a win-win. If you drive revenue or provide introductions that turn into sales, we want to provide you with a perpetual commission structure that make it worth your time and effort. For those who take a more active sales ownership role, we’ll provide
a higher commission structure.

If you have a background selling compliance solutions, automation technologies, or identity management into financial services that’s certainly advantageous but not necessary. As this technology is so adaptable, there is a fit across multiple verticals.

Some of the clients using Idemia services today include:
State Contracts:
• 38/50 DMVs (50+ state, county LE)
• Federal Contracts:
• TSA Pre
• DoS
• DoD
• Intelligence agencies
Commercial Contracts:
• Capital One
• Citibank
• Mastercard
• Itau Unibanco
• Bank of Baroda
• Societe Generale
• Santander
• LAX, Dulles, JFK, Atlanta
• Fenway Park
• Changi Airport

To provide some context around contract values and the revenue potential, some of these top tier clients will spend $5 million - $30 million this year with Idemia. Depending on the services and the volume of usage, contract value can greatly vary but there is tremendous potential with these services. Many clients will start small or with one business unit and continue to expand over time, growing their annual spend year over year.


  • Territory: Global
  • Agent type: Independent sales agent
  • Leads provided: No leads provided
  • Commission: 40.00%
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