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Reg Lenney 

- THE Multi Award Winning Vital Coach, 

- Founder of All Health Corp. Ltd., 

- The Ultimate Health University 

- THE Muli-Award Winning Lifestyle Optimization Services: 10 keys to the Ultimate Natural You,

- Author of his latest book; BE YOU!, 

... is looking for one top end "Global" representative, who has proven themselves in the field of high end sales and service, and loves it! 

"For over 33 years, I have had the awesome opportunity to work with, live with and travel with some of the most incredible and powerful people on the planet. 

- I have toured with musical bands and movie production companies, 

- lived and traveled with Royal Families, 

- lived and toured with Movie stars 

- lived and toured with professional Sports Athletes  

- and I consistently help companies grow from struggling within their own business, dealing with endless staff and customer issues, as well as within the corporate world, to global leadership and healthier home base.

- I am consistently helping the owners, CEO's and top management team improve their brand, increase their value; become better at their jobs and within themselves, while maintain a happy and healthy life, in and out of business, while in the office, in their duties around the world, on the road and in their personal lives. 

I am THE Multi Award Winning Vital Coach, consistently rated "The BEST of the best" by top end, highly recognised and passionate individuals globally, and now I need a personal representative who will represent me and help to market me to my specific clientele all around the world.

I do not want or need a lot of clients, rather a select few who need and understand the power of my services"

This is not a hard sell job, rather the opportunity to be your best and help others to do the same in an easy and relaxed way, giving potential clients the answers and opportunity to avoid all the pitfalls and issues that often cause ailments, failures and "crash & burn" while helping them to maintain a clear and powerful mind, a healthy and pain free body, happy family life and consistent growth in their business world.

What kind of agent is suited to this opportunity?

Healthy, passionate, educated, elegant, open-minded, positive, excited and highly professional while treating clients with the utmost respect during the education process.

The right "sales" person to represent me will be able to source out and connect with very high ranked clientele, in a very classy, new, interesting and elegant way, such as Royal Families, Top end Professional Sports Athletes, Actors, Singers, Corporate Executives and high level individuals who must maintain high levels of mental and physical performance in order to maintain the lifestyle they have created, as well as organizations, corporations, groups and anyone else we can support and help.


  • Territory: Global
  • Agent type: Independent sales agent
  • Leads provided: No leads provided
  • Commission: 20.00%
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