Generate a Fantastic Income Selling Our B2B Sales Platform: Aligning Selling with Buying!


Sales platforms are a hot market right now - You may be surprised to know that CRM is now the worlds largest software sector by revenue and forecast to double to $80Bn by 2025.

We're not another CRM platform, there's plenty already. But we do add huge value to a CRM for both salespeople and sales leaders.

How prospects buy has changed, but the way that sellers sell is not aligned.

Successful selling requires a buyer-centric approach, that's where Boxxstep helps.

What kind of agent is suited to this opportunity?

This role requires sales agents to sell to sales leadership, sales enablement and sometimes even CEO's.

When prospects see Boxxstep they get it, they understand the value and how it can help them and their teams. Using their words “you’ve smashed it Boxxstep!”

This is a perfect opportunity for anyone familiar with selling SaaS, business or sales applications.

This is not a feature and benefits sales (although you will need to understand what they are and how to use them). This is a sale that solves a big problem for prospects, how to improve sales performance. Sales agents need to highlight issues that will resonate with them and ask good questions (we'll help you understand what they are).


  • Territory: Global
  • Agent type: Independent sales agent
  • Leads provided: No leads provided
  • Commission: 30.00%
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