English Lessons for International Companies - 25% Commission + 5% Residual


Unlock New Opportunities with Tell Class

Are you looking for a product that works well in any industry globally? Look no further – we present to you "Tell Class," the future of English language learning, designed to meet the needs of professionals from all sectors!

Established in 2020, Tell Class has transformed the approach to enhancing employees' English speaking skills. Say goodbye to boring grammar lessons and hello to a dynamic, engaging, and practical learning experience for your employees!

Investing in English lessons for your company's employees is a strategic move that can fuel substantial growth. It equips your workforce with a crucial skill, enabling seamless communication with global clients, partners, and stakeholders. This enhanced proficiency not only fosters stronger relationships but also opens doors to new markets and business opportunities, paving the way for your company's expansion and success on a global scale.

Speak Your Way to Success!

At TellClass.com, we've cracked the code to effective language learning. We focus on the power of conversation, offering 1-to-1 private video chat lessons that are tailor-made for each individual. No two learners are alike, so why should their lessons be? Our qualified and experienced English tutors craft personalized lessons to meet your employees' unique goals and needs, ensuring rapid progress and skill development.

What kind of agent is suited to this opportunity?

The perfect self-employed sales professional for this opportunity possesses a unique blend of qualities. 

Not a requirement, but it would be an advantage if you've sold corporate training or worked in management consulting before. It can help you introduce Tell Class to potential clients more effectively.

Moreover, Tell Class is built on the fundamental belief that success in business is rooted in building strong relationships. If you excel at forging connections and have established relationships within medium to large companies, you're an excellent fit. Passion for helping people succeed is the driving force behind our mission, so if that resonates with you, you'll find great alignment here.

Above all, we're on the lookout for individuals who bring positivity, enthusiasm, and unwavering integrity to the table. If you're friendly, happy, genuinely enjoy working with people, and conduct business with the highest ethical standards, you'll thrive in this partnership. 

Plus, fluency in English is a must, as it's the cornerstone of what we offer.

So, if you're ready to leverage your expertise, relationships, enthusiasm, and integrity to help businesses and individuals succeed while earning competitive commissions, then you're the ideal self-employed sales professional to partner with Tell Class.


  • Territory: Global
  • Agent type: Independent sales agent
  • Leads provided: No leads provided
  • Commission: 25.00%
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