Can your company withstand a targeted attack by hackers determined to steal your sensitive data? Deal size US$100k-400k.


Here is the need: PANIC is what grips executive management and the Board when they find out that sensitive data about their business has been compromised. With "Threat Expose", we tell them whether their data security is good enough to prevent that red letter day from happening.

Here are the facts: An analysis of data breaches of 2018 shows a single data breach costs a company an average of 7 million dollars.  Each record of sensitive data compromised costs the business close to US$ 150 (that's the cost of 3 grams of gold!)

Here is the service: Sumeru puts hackers with 2 decades of experience each on the job to simulate a targeted attack on a company and shows the customer how a determined, highly skilled hacker group can steal their data. 

Here is the target: Hospitals, retail & e-commerce, regional banks - this is the sweet spot. Pick companies in these industries between 200 million and 5 billion dollars in sales. They have sensitive data, and their security is suspect.

Why should you sell this: A very sweet zero entry barrier outcome based business model leads to a fairly short sales cycle and a bulk of the collections (and hence, your commission) will be done within 3 months. 

What kind of agent is suited to this opportunity?

You are the dynamo sales agent we are looking for if 

- you have done several 100K plus deals

- you have C-Level contacts on your speed dial. 

- you are willing to spend a few hours to read up on some material we will share with you that will help you sell Threat Expose better. 

- you are willing to ride out a few contracts with us. This offering is a gamble. You may not make the big bucks on the first contract just in case we fail to hack in. But sooner or later we will, and when we do, it will be worth it for you. 


  • Territory: Canada Hong Kong Singapore United Kingdom United States
  • Agent type: Independent sales agent
  • Commission: 15.00%
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