€2-3K commission per average order, unique product, NO competition, minimal hours per order  & including repeat orders.


SneakerBranding is the first company in the world that produces high-end sneakers for businesses, sports teams and colleges/universities. We can fully customize our sneakers to their Visual Identity, down to the color of the stitching and lining. We offer a unique combination of high customization, high quality, comfort and durability, and a low Minimum Order Quantity.  Our sneakers are used during events, as part of corporate clothing, as promotional items or as a luxury gift for staff or customers.

We've worked with some of the most famous companies in the world, like Sony, Twitter, Spotify, SurveyMonkey, BMW, KLM, Red Hat and Post-it. The one thing these companies all have in common is that they value their appearance and are willing to spend money on quality. Our company is not the cheap option, but it is the best option. And that's why we only work with clients that want the same.

We work B2B and mainly focus on businesses, sports teams and universities, but are also open to partnering with Brand / Media agencies. Because we are the only company that can offer what we offer, we operate in a field without real competition. Yes, there are competitors of course, but those either have sneakers of inferior quality, fewer customization options or a much higher Minimum Order Quantity, making them much less interesting for businesses. 

In short we have a unique business with lots of possibilities. Want to help us grow further?

What kind of agent is suited to this opportunity?

Sales Professionals with experience in the B2B-branche. Since our product is suited for a wide range of companies, specific market knowledge is less important. But we don't work with consumers, so you should have experience in selling Business 2 Business


  • Territory: European Union North America Canada France Germany United Kingdom United States
  • Agent type: Independent sales agent
  • Leads provided: Cold leads provided
  • Commission: 17.00%
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