World-Class Software Engineering Sales Opportunity - 35% Commission + Residuals

Here at CommissionCrowd we bring independent sales reps only the very best commission-only sales opportunities, and today is no exception!

This amazing company are offering 35% commission + lifetime residuals! A recent $550k deal secured by this company would have netted you a commission of $192500 if you had closed the deal!

We’re proud to introduce you to the Telios Group, a world-class global software development company based in Lagos, Nigeria.  They help their clients to excel in the modern age where disruptive solutions are released at an ever-increasing pace and time to market is a key standard determining whether or not and organization will survive.

Read the amazing company interview below and find out how they took one client from $13000 per week to over £130k per week while securing the deal for $550k (Sales agents would have received 35% commission on this deal).

Their company is built on a core of business/systems analysts, project managers, software architects and senior software developers and are supported by a scalable pool of 200 highly skilled intermediate and senior developers.

Telios offer a vast array of services including:

  • Web Apps
  • Mobile / Desktop Apps
  • Automation solutions like chatbots, web scrapers, AI/ML-driven solutions
  • Blockchain-based products and services
  • IoT driven solutions
  • ETL/ELT pipelines

And they do it all within 90 days - guaranteed!

They are offering commissions of 35% + lifetime residuals on repeat orders for their independent sales partners.

*Please note, this is a commission-only sales opportunity and no fees or salary will be paid ahead of new closed business

Connect with The Telios Group here: View the independent sales opportunity

An Interview With The Telios Group

We’ve interviewed The Telios Group to give independent sales reps a deeper understanding of the company and their commission-only sales opportunity.

Where did the inspiration for Telios Support Services come from?

Telios Support Services started from the founder’s experience with providing ICT advisory and consulting services for SMBs over a 10 year period from 2005 to 2015. During that period it became increasingly apparent that for many SMBs, competitiveness in the marketplace could be achieved by leveraging cost-effective custom software solutions that closely mapped the unique workflows of the SMB and which were designed to support the people resources of the SMB.

At that time, there weren’t many world-class custom software development houses in Nigeria which could offer these services to a global customer base. Therefore, after being engaged by a client in the UK to stand up a team to deliver a multi-platform Fintech solution, TSS took off in 2017 and hasn’t looked back since. A key factor was the reality that talent is global and some regions of the world could really deliver high-quality software at a cost-effective price range and within agreed upon time frames.

Tell us a little about your expertise in the IT & Services arena

TSS has expertise across four areas of software development — Web, Mobile, Desktop, and what we call Automation solutions. Web, Mobile, and Desktop development are clear. Automation solutions cover custom solutions like; chat bots, web bots, web scrapers, and Applied Machine Learning. These four areas are delivered in an agile manner, by leveraging our proven project delivery methodology and incorporating the core ideas behind DevSecOps - Microservices, Infrastructure as code, and CI/CD pipelines.

Our core strength really is the ability to translate complex technology problems into business-friendly terms. This makes it much easier for us and our clients in developing and refining requirements, as well as incorporating feedback into the development cycle.

We strongly believe in the MVP idea - we guarantee an initial MVP delivered within 90 working days, followed by iterative improvements and bug fixes until the product/service is feature complete and ready for hand off to the client or transition into a Maintenance phase. We have found that this approach gives our clients a faster time to market than a traditional waterfall or non-MVP based approach.

Can you tell us about some of the work you have carried out to date?

At TSS, we have mainly acted as a secret sauce for our clients. Most of our work is behind NDA’s so we can’t offer much in the way of intricate details — although we have worked across the FSI, Transportation, Hospitality and Healthcare verticals.

We have however, been able to secure the permission to describe one of the projects at a high level. This project involved the betting industry; the client had developed a proprietary software, but with a manual process to secure a consistent edge in the horse racing betting industry.

TSS was engaged to design, develop, deploy and hand off a multi-channel solution for the client. Prior to the delivery of the solution, the best performing week with the manual system was around $13,000.00. Fifteen months after the solution was fully online, the average weekly performance was around $62,000.00 with a high of around $132,000.00 before the TSS hand off.

What’s your greatest client success story?

The horse racing project described above. We had a 15-man team of highly skilled engineers and we leveraged multiple technologies including ML. The project was around fifteen months at a value of around $550,000.00. As a team, TSS was greatly enriched by the experiences we shared with the client in delivering this solution. We learned a lot, gave value, and still maintain a good relationship with the client to date.

What made you consider wanting to work with independent sales agents?

Being a company based in Nigeria and providing services to a global customer base, it’s become a strategic necessity to acquire the services of competent sales agents in the countries we are targeting.

Having a team of independent sales agents representing us across multiple territories globally will enable us to reach our potential in the Market. We also highly appreciate and value our sales partners which is the reason we are happy to pay out high commissions of 35% to the right people.

Why would sales agents have an edge selling your products/services?

Not many software development companies offer delivery guarantees. We guarantee an MVP in 90 working days — no stories, no excuses. For potential clients who are seeking a cost-effective and time-bound service, this is powerful.

What makes your products/services unique, innovative and sets you apart from the competition?

A 90-day MVP delivery guaranteed is our USP. At this time we don’t have many competitors who can do this. One of the reasons we can stand behind this guarantee is because we have developed a proprietary requirements prioritization and project delivery methodology which ensures we deliver as promised on time, every time.

An example: during the client engagement discussed earlier, we delivered multiple MVPs within a tight time frame. The development of the core systems was accomplished in a little under ten months. The rest of the time was spent on refining and tweaking based on real feedback from customers and users, which allowed the client to refine and validate many of their assumptions.

Without our unique approach, it would have taken longer to deliver and perhaps, the end product may not have been as effective.

What are your plans for the future of Telios Support Services?

In the next 40 months, TSS plans to achieve a $ 5 Million ARR. We plan to do this by establishing a network of high performing freelance sales agents primarily sourced through CommisionCrowd.

Our target markets are primarily, UK/USA/Canada and the EU. On our part, TSS has a scalable team of highly competent analysts, designers, engineers and SMEs with expertise in Big Data, ML/AI, IoT, and Blockchain. We have tested scaleouts of up to 35 engineers from a core of 5 full-time engineers.

We have access to a pool of over 200 highly competent engineers, and so we are confident that the combination of our resource pool, proven processes and high performing sales network should get us to where we want to be around the timeframe we have in mind.

What are your best selling products/services and why?

Web, Mobile and Automation solutions (primarily web bots and ML). This is mainly because those are the solutions we’ve been called upon to deliver since 2016. However, we stand behind everything we offer in our product/service bouquet. If we can’t deliver, we won’t take the project — better to turn it down than to deliver less than the TSS quality.

Have you received any recognition or awards for your products/services?

Not yet, we’ve mainly been working behind the scenes, we hope to change that in the near future as we roll out some of our own initiatives for public consumption.

Please describe the typical sales cycle and process to sales agents

The typical sales cycle begins with some form of a request from the client — this may be through posts or conversations. We would then respond with an initial proposal that would describe at a high level our understanding of the project, what would be required to deliver the 90 day MVP and a request for a more in-depth engagement.

Typically, the engagement would allow us to show our understanding of the business drivers behind the project request. This often helps us shine since we approach the project not only from a tech perspective but also from a business one — this is much appreciated by the clients.

We would also offer some form of free work or expose some past work as appropriate. By this time, the TSS team and the prospect would have developed a rapport and begin to feel good about each other. We’d basically be interfacing with either the decision-maker or a key influencer, and would quickly know whether or not we would secure the project. On average, this process to project award takes 2 weeks.

Connect with The Telios Group here: View the independent sales opportunity

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