Why You'll Never Find Great Self-Employed Sales Professionals on Gumtree or Generic Job Websites

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Here at CommissionCrowd we see the same question asked time and time again across a number of forums and business related communities on a daily basis.

That question is: “Where can I find self-employed sales people who will work on a commission only basis?”

Some of the most common responses come from people who mean well, but have had little or no experience of working with this type of sales professional before.

They simply suggest that the person or company place an advert on sites like Gumtree, People Per Hour or one of the many generic job websites and hope for the best.

Why Generic Job Websites And AD Listing Sites Like Gumtree And Craigslist Are Unsuitable For Finding Self-Employed Sales Professionals?

Our team have worked extensively on both sides of the fence, both as professional self-employed sales representatives and also as company owners (principals) that have built and run large teams of commission-based, self-employed sales agents. We can tell you from experience that a company will rarely, if ever find a truly great sales professional of that nature in those places.

In order to answer this question you first must understand why some sales people choose to become self-employed in the first place. If you think it’s because they can’t find work and are willing to forgo a regular wage in place of a commission only sales job you are very much mistaken. It’s this misconception that leads to sites like Gumtree, Craigslist and many generic job websites being flooded with poor quality, spammy or unsuitable opportunities from companies that are mostly looking for free or cheap labour to sell products or services that haven’t been successful in the Marketplace. The result being that truly great self-employed sales people avoid these sites as well as the companies that use them at all costs.

What Are Self-Employed Sales Reps?

Self-employed sales reps, sometimes known as manufacturers reps or independent sales representatives, are seasoned sales professionals that have spent many years working as company employees in a specific industry. They are also entrepreneurial and have a desire to leave the constraints of employment in favour of setting up their own business providing sales as a service to companies they choose to work with. These companies will be chosen by the salesperson because their products/services compliment their existing networks.

The ultimate goal of a self-employed sales professional is to connect with companies whose products or services complement their existing networks. This means a quick win for the sales agent, and a potentially very fast route to Market for the company. However, having the right kinds of products and services is not always enough to ensure that an independent representative will decide to work with you or not.

If you would like to find out more about the list of criteria that a self-employed sales professional considers before deciding on which company to partner with then please take a few minutes to read over the following articles from our blog which answers this question in more detail:

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This article will tell you How To Craft The Perfect Opportunity For Self Employed Sales Agents

Why it can be extremely difficult for companies that are looking to outsource the sales function of their business to independent sales reps

While it may be fairly straightforward to target people using a very specific job title such as Business Development Manager, CEO, VP of Sales, or Sales Associate, the self-employed commission-based sales industry is a different matter entirely. There simply isn’t a single title that self-employed sales professionals come under, in-fact we have identified no fewer than fifty variations of job title to describe agents who provided sales based business development services using a commission-only sales model, and this is before you even consider industry specific titles.

Even after you have identified an individual that you would like to present your company’s opportunity to, do you know if you have an attractive enough proposition to interest that person? This is especially true for companies seeking to work with independent sales reps for the first time and are unfamiliar with the points that reps take into consideration before even deciding to open a channel of conversation.

If your company is looking to partner with self-employed sales reps or agents for the first time, you may want to take a second to read this article: 10 Things You Must Understand When Working With Independent Sales Reps

Why Is CommissionCrowd Different?

Our team have sat on both sides of the fence during our lengthy careers in the world of sales. We have been self-employed sales professionals and we have also worked as successful company principals. We quickly came to identify that there are major problems in this industry, and in order to make it better we had to set out to build CommissionCrowd with very specific goals.

We Are Dedicated Entirely To The Commission-Based Sales Industry

CommissionCrowd serves a specific segment of an otherwise very large and diverse industry – and we do it well. As well as setting out to build a platform that we ourselves would have benefited from as company owners, we have also collaborated with many seasoned independent sales professionals and built a complete solution to the problems they asked us to solve.

We Go Beyond Simply Providing A Place For Companies And Sales Agents To Connect

CommissionCrowd was developed to address many issues that stem far beyond making quality connections between great companies and sales professionals globally. This is the point in which other companies in our industry stop. Job websites and traditional connection agencies are old hat, and simply aren’t enough to meet the challenges that come after two parties connect and begin their working relationship.

Not only does CommissionCrowd provide collaborative accounts which allow companies and sales people to manage their remote working relationship effortlessly, we also ensure that the everyday mundane – yet necessary – business tasks that take valuable time away from selling are eliminated.

We’re combining and simplifying the best features from targeted job boards, sales-force automation, sales/pipeline CRM and modern productivity and management tools to bring the world an affordable, beautifully designed web application for the self-employed (commission-based) sales industry.

We even go a step beyond that and have partnered with some of the worlds finest legal professionals who specialise in mutual contractual agreements between companies and sales professionals. Therefore we are also able to provide a complete legal pack to ensure both parties start off on the right foot.

We Don’t take money from companies With Unsuitable Opportunities

The very core of our business is about ensuring quality connections. Education plays a big part in what we do as we recognise that as well as working with companies that have lots of experience of working with self-employed sales people, there are also many companies that haven’t had experience but have great opportunities to offer.

There are also too many job websites and platforms that are more than happy to take money from companies with unsuitable opportunities for sales agents. Infact, we have turned down many companies that we just didn’t feel had opportunities suitable enough to satisfy self-employed sales professionals that come to CommissionCrowd to find high quality opportunities. If we did, it would simply destroy the very core of our business which is to become the home of commission-based sales.

You might be interested in reading this article our company CMO; Ryan Mattock, recently published on Linkedin Turning Down Money To Ensure Better Opportunities For Sales Agents

We Work With The Best In The Industry

We are lucky that a great number of influential organisations, award winning sales professionals and even a TED X speaker support our vision for the future of the industry. We can’t reveal specific names at this time, but all will be revealed soon. There are some hugely exciting partnerships in the pipeline!

We’re not just another job site out to make a quick buck

Above all else, we are massively passionate about the self-employed sales industry. CommissionCrowd has evolved along with our team’s experience of working on both sides of the fence. We are lucky enough to have been able to identify very specific problem which need solved in order to progress the industry to where it should be. CommissionCrowd is the result of many years of personal experience and not just a platform that was put up overnight with the aim of making a quick buck. In-fact it’s taken over a year and a half of solid development to create the CommissionCrowd platform and that’s not even counting the huge amount of time spent planning, strategising and formulating the perfect solution for the industry.

How Can You Join Us?

As of March 2015, we are still accepting applications to join our Private-beta (test phase) before we launch to the general public.

Sales professionals can join here

Companies can join here

*Please note: If you are reading this article after our public launch then please see the website for details on how to join us.

Ryan Mattock

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