Why Freelance (Commission-Only) Sales Reps Need CommissionCrowd

If you’re a B2B freelance sales rep who operates on a commission-only basis, you need CommissionCrowd. Here’s why…

As co-founder of CommissionCrowd I want to start by saying we know how frustrated you are… we were too! You chose to become self-employed because you had a long and successful career in sales and made the decision to break away from the constraints (and limitations) of being employed by someone else. Your goal is to build a diverse, yet complimentary sales portfolio and make more money than you could as an employee while enjoying a better work/life balance.

But it’s just not that easy to find quality companies who understand the value of working with commission-based sales professionals and it’s certainly not that easy to manage multiple company principals at the same time.

This is where CommissionCrowd comes in…

Common Misconceptions Of The Commission-Only Sales Industry

One of the biggest misconceptions of the commission-only sales industry is that independent reps are unemployed and therefore desperate for work. Companies that have no prior experience with reps and don’t understand how you operate can very often mistake your business model as being cheap or free labour.

We know it’s not your role to build a company from the ground up. You expect to work with companies that respect your experience in the industry and value the contacts and networks that you have painstakingly built up over the years… That’s why our primary mission here at CommissionCrowd is to screen and vet every single company that joins us.

The first thing we make companies do is move through an on-boarding process. We turn away more companies than we accept, regardless of whether or not they have their cash in-hand and are ready to join. Maintaining a quality database is highly important to us because we know that in order to attract the very best self-employed sales professionals into our network, the companies we allow to join must be too.

Job websites are rife with companies who are happy to pay a few pennies to put stick an ad up in the hope they can get someone to work for free. How do we know? Because many years ago before CommissionCrowd, we were part of one of those companies also. Clueless and uneducated, hoping someone could come in and grow our business without having to pay for the pleasure.

Here’s a high level list of things we look for before allowing a company to join and connect with you:

  • Is the company established?
  • Do they have a track record of success in their industry?
  • Do they have a good reputation?
  • Have they got many happy clients and case studies?
  • Do they understand how freelance sales professionals operate and expect?
  • Are they willing to offer above standard levels of commission to agents with existing networks?

We’re continually working towards improving the lives and finances of every sales professional who chooses to use CommissionCrowd to build their sales portfolio. You’re going to love what’s in-store for you coming in the next few months!

To sign up for a CommissionCrowd account and start building and easily managing the perfect portfolio check out our page for sales professionals here: CommissionCrowd for sales agents

Ryan Mattock

Co-Founder of CommissionCrowd... Let's get disruptive!