Welcome To CommissionCrowd!

This post is intended as a welcome message to new registered sales agents and companies as part of our Private Beta. If you haven’t yet registered or applied for VIP Lifetime Membership you may do so here.

The On-Boarding Process

We ask that you please understand that it will take time for everyone to start building out, editing and polishing their profiles. We kindly ask that you are aware of this and that no judgement on presentation is made over the next few weeks to allow everyone time to settle in and get their profiles looking nice.

We Need Your Input

It takes someone very special to join an early adopters ‘club’ and we truly thank you for believing in us at this early stage. We ask that you please remember that we are in private-beta and we rely heavily on your patience, understanding and feedback during this time.

We have some truly incredible and exciting functionality for release in the near future, but for now it’s all about getting the core functionality right.

You may come across a bug or two, wish that some things worked differently or simply have suggestions about how we can improve things. CommissionCrowd was built for you and you now have the power to help shape the future of the platform.

We have set up an in-app chat feature that links you directly with the co-founders and we ask that you please reach out to us as often as humanly possible to feedback to us… good or bad. As advised previously we will be keeping track and you will be rewarded for all the help you give us.

Managing Your Relationships Through CommissionCrowd

We understand that sometimes it’s important to pick up the phone and have a conversation prior to making a decision to work with each other. We don’t want to stand in your way and will be rolling out our own in-app click to call functionality soon to help you in the early stages of these discussions.

We ask that you please agree and commit to managing your working relationship using the functionality within CommissionCrowd. If at anytime you get the feeling you might want to “back-door” us then we hope you will see that as a red flag that we haven’t done something right and we’d love to know about it!

We also have big plans for a lucrative ‘Territory Development Fund’ coming very soon which will only be available to companies and sales agents who are currently working within the platform. Trust us, you don’t want to miss your chance to be part of it!

Important Details Of Your Account

If you have paid or registered before 6pm today You will receive your personal account and login details within the next few hours from support@commissioncrowd.com - so if you don’t see it check your spam folder just in case or white list this address now.


We thought we’d make things easier for you and get you started by setting up your account and pre-populating your profile with some of the information you provided us with during the application/registration process.

This will help you start to gain some exposure right away and essentially means that your opportunity will be live as soon as you receive your login details!

We need you to login and review/update your profile as soon as possible.

OK! That’s all our house keeping done. Thank you again for your patience. Can’t wait to see you “in-app”.

Wishing you every success!

Ryan, Laura & Alistair

Laura McGregor

co-Founder & CEO @CommissionCrowd ♥'s: SaaS, Sales, Product Development, Marketing, Food, Tech, Laughter, Travel, Humour & Kindness! Linked In ► https://goo.gl/ulUi0C Twitter ► @SaaSyFounder